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August Sock & Garment Club Reveal

Socks are a great knitting project year round. Whether you knit them using the magic loop method, or are a master of double pointed needles, they can easily travel with you anywhere you go, are perfect projects for the warmer weather during summer months, and are usually quick to finish. They also make great gifts - who doesn't love a pair of handknitted socks?!

This month our sock club feature was Glitter Sock from Zen Yarn Garden. A wonderful blend of superwash merino, cashmere, nylon, and just a pinch of sparkle makes for a luxurious and fun knit.

Sock Club members received one of the thirteen colors featured in our Yarn Club palette for August:

Our featured pattern for the month was Fleet Feet by Fatimah Hinds. We love the architectural nature of this pattern. It's wonderfully textural and geometric: two design elements that are difficult to combine in an accessible way.

Image Copyright: Barbara Benson

Image Copyright: Barbara Benson

On the opposite end of the knitting spectrum, our Garment Club launched with its first delivery this month. Garments take time, planning, skill, and a whole heck of a lot of patience to finish, but are truly worth the effort: you'll have an heirloom piece for your wardrobe for years to come!

This month, members received ten hanks of Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity 20 or Serenity Worsted within the same color selections of our Yarn Club members.

Garment Club members had the opportunity to choose their color family preferences, as well as their yarn weight  preferences. If worsted weight was chosen, all ten hanks in their preferred color family. If fingering weight was chosen, Fiberistas received five hanks of one colorway and five hanks of another, which would either allow for some great color combinations, or a couple finished sweaters depending on sizing and yardage used within each project.

We also provided Garment Club members with a pair of hexagonal needles from Indian Lake Artisans in a size reflective of their yarn weight preferences.

Included in member's shipments was one of our favorite new books: Top Down by Elizabeth Doherty. The book features six amazing sweater and cardigan patterns all designed with various set-in sleeves. The great part? Not only are the designed wonderful and on-trend, but set-in sleeve design allows seamless sweater knitting, working from the neckline down. 

Rather than knitting your garment in pieces, blocking, and then sewing the pieces together  to finish, this method will allow Fiberistas to cast-on and finish their garments quickly: simply seem together the under-arms, weave in an end or two, block, and wear.

Our next Garment Club will ship in November. Current Garment Club members will have first right of refusal to participate. 

August Yarn Club Reveal

Yarn Club

Knitting and crochet offer us the opportunity to connect to productivity as well as tap into our creativity. A slow, consistent building of loops gives us a finished product that takes time to make. This puts us in a unique position to plan ahead for the seasons - for example, in order to be able to wear something for the inevitable cooler weather that the Fall will usher in as the year turns into September, we often have to start contemplating what we'll want to add to our wardrobes beginning in August. 

With this need in mind, we officially launched into our first set of Fall-inspired shipments for our August yarn club. This month, we thought it would be a great treat to start the season with one of the most soft and versatile yarn bases we could find, and featured Zen Yarn Garden's  fabulous Serenity 20 (fingering weight) and Serenity Worsted (worsted weight) yarns, which feature a blend of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon.

Representing our cool mood board, we have a group of one-of-a-kind colorways as well as a couple semi-solid options. Starting from the first photo, we have Waterseed, Coast Guard, Foliage, Cayman, and Frosted Kiwi.

Each fingering weight hank contained a generous 400 yards, while the sturdy worsted weight provided Fiberistas with 175 glorious yards of yarnie yumminess.

Representing our neutral board for September, we have - from top left rotating clockwise - Black Pearl, Black Mousse, Stardust, and Charcoal.

Finally, wrapping up our color selections and representing our warm mood board for August we have - startin with the top left photo and rotating clockwise - Ember, Cayenne Pepper, Sienna, and Burning Bush

We tested a new system of providing links and coupon codes within shipments this month, with patterns available to download directly from Ravelry. Our featured knitting patterns this month were the Mezquita Shawl and Howard's Tam:

August was the first month since our launch to also include crochet patterns, which members were quick to whip up! To compliment the Zen Yarn Garden's yarn, we selected Eternity Scarf by Kim Miller and Cirrus by Thread Softly:

In order to help promote feelings of calmness and peace before we enter into a new season (the holidays will be here before we know it!), our swag item this month featured a couple of bags of our very favorite tea - STASH - in a variety of herbal flavors. 

We imagine Fiberistas sitting in their favorite comfortable chair, casting on their projects, with a lovely cup of tea sitting beside them, enjoying the calm afternoon or evening decompressing from an eventful day. 

Check back in tomorrow - we'll come back with our Sock Club and inaugural Garment Club reveal.

July 2015 Yarn, Sock, & Spinning Club Reveal

Yarn Club

With the summer in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere (including some exceptionally hot weather courtesy of El Niño), our July Yarn Club shipments were inspired by refreshing, cool beverages meant to quench your seasonal thirst.

We collaborated with LYDIA yarn LLC, and lead dyer Angela - who works out of her studio in South Carolina - managed to create a beautiful collection of custom colors only available to our club members and through our Fiberista Club online store.

First up, we have our cool palette, featuring (clockwise from the upper right) Pink Lady, Grape Nehi, Watermelon Cooler, and Blue Lagoon:

Moving to our neutral palette for July, we had a feature of beautiful summer neutrals uniquely interpreted by Angela in a stunning collection of semi-solids and flecked yarn (which happens to be one of her specialties, and super on-trend!) . Clockwise from the upper right, we have Peach Bellini, Bikinis & Umbrella Drinks, Mojito, and Piña Colada:

Lastly, representing our warm color collection for the month, we have four delicious colors we want to pour in a glass and sip away on (clockwise from upper right) - Sangria, Bloody Mary, Hefeweizen, and Tequila Sunrise:

Each color was featured in 100% oh-so-soft superwash merino in either a worsted or a DK weight. Our premiere sock club featured the same colors on a durable (and comfy!) 75% superwash merino/25% nylon blend.

All of the bases are perfect for summer knits, which could potentially get wet at the beach or by the lakeside (whether you're a summer reveler or someone who just braves the odd looks from the general public while knitting in a swimsuit and 90-degree weather). Superwash merino also has excellent applications as a crafted gift, since it's both durable and easy to launder. 

The Fiber

July's featured fiber blend was 50% superfine merino and 50% silk, perfect for summer garments aiming to feature both drape and luster. We worked with a local fiber dyer who we happened to meet a local fiber festival last year, and even though she has no plans for world domination and says she dyes fiber "just for fun", we managed to convince her to dye a limited collection for our talented spinners.

The take on our mood boards was decidedly different (which we are always really excited to see - isn't it interesting how different fiber artists can interpret inspiration?!), featuring extremely bold, vibrant, and vivid colors.

From left to right, starting with the top row we have: Raspberry Sangria, Pink Flamingo, Watermelon Cooler, Royal Silver, Orangesicle, Chocolate Raspberry Martini, Purple Punch, Blue Martini, and Caribbean Cooler.

  The Patterns

This month, we have a wing-tipped shawl featuring a traditional Estonian lace pattern. In addition to designing it with a unique shape which can be worn from top to bottom or bottom to top, the sample was also knit with two completely different hanks of Tequila Sunrise:

It's not unusual with hand dyed yarn to work with two hanks that don't quite match one another. Sometimes you may have even purchased your favorite color on two different occasions for two different projects.

When this happens, rather than searching for the perfect 1/2 skein project, we generally have one of two options. Conventional wisdom dictates that we alternate the hanks we are working with in order to "blend" them together for a less harsh transition. However, we can also use the hanks as two different colors; the subtle color variations will create a unique look, and if color theory isn't your strong suit, sometimes it's the safest way to get comfortable with color work or striping.

In addition to the pattern featuring Estonian lace, we also released a beginner version of the shawl that focuses on creating the unique shawl shape. This way, as you get more comfortable with the idea of increases and shawl construction, you can double-back to create the more advanced design and develop your lace making skills.

Our sock club featured a fun, summery cuff-down pattern from Qianer Huang Designs. The May Flower Sock works perfectly with both the speckled and semi solid yarns we featured this month:


The Upgrade

This month, our upgrade featured a limited edition flecked yarn called "Drinks with the FC Boys" dyed on a yummy merino, cashmere, and nylon base:


Over fifty members received the upgrade this month, and we can't wait to see what they decide to create with this beautiful fingering weight yarn.

The Swag

Whether it's a soft drink or an adult beverage, one of the most annoying items to contend with when you're knitting in the sun is condensation. Who wants to get their tension hand all wet, wet beading in their drafting zone, or to have moisture transfer and seep into their wooden needles? No one!

Wanting to help avoid our Fiberistas from this uniquely seasonal crafting annoyance, we including a custom drink koozie, perfect for keeping your beverage of choice cold and your hands dry:

It's Time To Leap Into Fall

July officially ends our summer shipment season. We've had fun featuring summer color and blends with our May, June, and July collections, but we're excited to start sharing our favorite Fall blends, colors, and trends with our members starting with August's packages.

While our yarn club and fiber club have started to enroll a limited amount of new Fiberistas for our September 2015 shipment, we do still have sock club subscriptions available for August. 

We're also very excited to officially launch our garment club with its premiere shipment scheduled for release on August 10th.

We hope everyone enjoyed this month's collection, and we look forward to see what you create during this transitional time of the year.


June 2015 Yarn & Fiber Reveal: Succulent Fiber

The Company

For the month of June, we wanted to stretch our creative wings and create something truly unique and special for our members. We're excited to announce Succulent Fiber as our official, Fiberista Club commissioned line.

The goal of having our own line is very simple: we want to bring our members the very best yarn and fiber products in on-trend colors, as well as keeping the line accessible. Every day, affordable luxury for knitters, crocheters, and handspinners that are Fiberistas - the line is only available to current members.

The range within Succulent Fiber will change from season to season, and this month's selections are our Summer '15 through Early Fall '15 bases and colors. Some bases will remain with us year round, as well as a selection of colors, but the majority of the line will only be available for a limited time.

The Yarn

It was Hunter's job to develop the bases this month. Fiber was sourced from the very best origins, and all the yarn was custom milled for this month in a variety of bases, which included:


80% superfine merino/20% cashmere


50% superwash merino/50% tussah silk 
75% superfine merino/25% camel 
80% superfine merino/15% cashmere/5% nylon


50% superfine merino/50% mulberry silk 
70% BFL/30% mohair 
70% BFL/30% tussah silk 
100% BFL

Joseph was the creative genius behind the colors developed this month and oversaw the dyeing process. In total, we featured 13 custom colors on each yarn base, giving our members a unique variety as they opened their packages:

The Fiber

For our spinners, we featured two different blends: 70% Baby Alpaca/30% Tussah Silk or 70% BFL/30% Mohair. Members a generous 250g braid of one of the fabulous blends, which were dyed to match the colors featured in this month's yarn bases:

The Upgrade

This month, we gave away more than two dozen electronic copies of our favorite new design book: Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures by Hannah Fettig.

We're obsessed with this book: Hannah's perspective as a designer is intoxicating, creating very wearable sweater designs. The book itself is photographed beautifully, and we're excited to see some Fiberistas knitting away on their first Fall projects utilizing the patterns in this book.

The Swag

We gave away a lime flavored lip balm to all of our subscribers today. A must-have that can be stored in your knitting bag, there's no reason to let the summer create chapped lips!

The Pattern

This month's pattern collection - Geometric Thomas - features a geometric lace design motif within a scarf, stole, infinity scarf, and summer tank.


We know this month's boxes were a big hit among our members! We'll be completing our shop update as soon as possible, and look forward to getting our last summer box - July - on its way to you.

An Extra Pattern, This Month's Roving All Spun Up, Club Time, and Tour De Fleece 2015


May's Third Pattern: Spring Leaves

Our third bonus pattern has been released to all Fiberistas via an email blast.

"Spring Leaves" is an infinity scarf featuring a pointed lace edging and knitted chevron stripes. At 41" long, it leaves plenty of room to be worn a multitude of different ways. It is knit in the round from the long edge, and is a fun textured knit perfect for a little "pop" in your wardrobe.


What's It Look Like?

The fun of spinning is in the multitude of ways a finished yarn can be made, including how one decides to use their materials.

This month's spinning boxes featured both Finnish wool and a merino/cashmere blend. One could spin them up separately, or you could ply them together for a completely different effect. The photo below showcases what your finished product could look like: a fluffy white cloud of merino/cashmere, a plied stripe of Finnish/merino/cashmere, or a more semi-solid yarn when just the Finnish is used.

Club Time

Fiberista Club is excited to offer two new club options: FC Socks and FC Garments, shipping in July 2015 and August 2015, respectively.

Sign-ups for each club are now open to the general public. 

Our sock club will ship monthly via first class mail and include one skein of premium sock yarn, one accompanying pattern, and the featured Fiberista Club swag item of the month. Cost is $22.95 plus $3.95 for shipping.

Our garment club will ship quarterly, include 10 skeins of yarn retailing between $32-35 per month, a pair of Lantern Moon knitting needles, and four support patterns: three female designs and one male design. It may be quite possible to knit more than one garment from each shipment. Cost is $239.95 plus $29.95 for shipping.

You can sign-up for either club here.

Tour de Fleece 2015 - Join FC's Wildcard Team!

Alright, spinners, get ready! Fiberista Club is sponsoring a Tour de Fleece wildcard team this year, and we have three different divisions ready to compete for a multitude of fabulous prizes.

If you’re a current Fiberista who happens to spin (and has an active membership for the month of July), you’re automatically able to participate. If you’re a non-member, you can enter the race in two different ways:


Visit Fiberista Club’s website and subscribe to our spinning club. You can select any term you’d like, and will receive 20% off of your subscription cost if you enroll by June 20th. By subscribing before this deadline, you’ll receive our July 2015 spinning club box, which will ship June 29th.



We’re offering an exclusive blend of 50% polwarth wool, 25% baby camel, and 25% cashmere custom dyed to resemble our official Tour de Fleece 2015 mood board:


A 200g braid will be shipped on June 29th and arrive right on time for the beginning of Tour de Fleece. Our limited edition braid can be purchased here.

Anyone with a Fiberista Club membership can purchase both the limited edition Tour de Fleece braid with a 30% off discount through June 20th. It will be added to your July 2015 shipment.

All Fiberistas will enjoy 30% off all roving purchases from June 15th through July 31st. Fiberista Club will be updating the shop weekly on every Monday, and will have a range of natural wool and exotic blends available, as well as custom dyed roving.

Our first shop update will be completed on May 25th.


To keep things lighthearted and fun, we will divide spinners into three different teams:


This team if for anyone new to spinning. Because everyone’s time commitment is different, this could mean you’ve been spinning from a few months to a few years. However, the skill in general is new to you, and your goal during the Tour de Fleece is to practice and get better.


If you’re going to commit to your spindles in July, then this is the team for you.


If you’re utilizing a spinning wheel for your Tour de Fleece participation, then this is the team for you.

Alternating between teams is allowed, but one can only spin on one team for the duration of the week starting on Friday and ending on Thursday (the last week ends on Friday).


Weekly prizes will be presented to a member of each team throughout the Tour de Fleece via lotto system:

JULY 3-9th: $100 gift certificate to the FC shop towards any yarn or roving purchase

JULY 10-16th: Copies of The Fleece and Fiber SourcebookSpinning Wool: Beyond the Basics, and The Intentional Spinner

JULY 17th-23rd: 300g custom dyed 100% cashmere roving.


Grand prizes will be presented via lotto across all Fiberista Club Tour de Fleece participants.

FIRST GRAND PRIZE: Your choice of Kromski spinning wheel and a complimentary six month membership to Fiberista Club.

SECOND GRAND PRIZE: Your choice of Golding GemSpindle and a complimentary three month membership to Fiberista Club.

THIRD GRAND PRIZE: A $150 Fiberista Club gift certificate for use in our online shop, as well as a complimentary one month membership to Fiberista Club.


Each team will have a check-in thread for each week of the Tour de Fleece. Members will have to check-in daily with a photo representing 1 ounce of spun fiber.

A weekly challenge will be presented on July 3rd, 10th, and 17th. The weekly challenge will be worth 5 additional lotto entries.


Each thread check-in will be assigned a lotto number reflective of its chronological position in the thread.

Bonus entries will be added on to the end of the list.

A random number generator will be used to pick a winner based on the number of entries. Winner’s will be notified within the next week’s check-in thread and must claim their prizes within three days by emailing


All lotto lists will be combined into a master list and a random number generator will be used to select grand prize winners. The announcement of grand prize winners will be made within the Tour de Fleece recap thread on July 25th, and winners will have until August 1st to claim their prizes by emailing

In order for every grand prize above to be given away, we must average 35 participants on each team. Averaging 25 participants on each team will enable FC to sponsor grand prize one and two. Averaging 15 participants on each team will enable FC to sponsor grand prize one.

Weekly prizes will be sponsored regardless of the number of individuals participating in Tour de Fleece 2015.

Winners of complimentary subscriptions who are current Fiberistas will have their next renewal credited accordingly.

May 2015 Yarn & Fiber Box reveal

The Company

This month we featured the fabulous yarns and dyed roving of Lisa Mutch operating under her fabulous brand - Northbound Knitting.

NBK operates out of Onatrio, Canada, and Lisa’s ability to strike an impressive middle ground in her dye process - subtle, yet intensive and purposeful color - is some of the best we have ever seen (which is surprising, given her love affair for gray)!

The Yarn

We selected NBK's merino/cashmere/nylon (MCN) base for a little luxury spring knitting. Two yarn weights were featured and, depending on Fiberista preferences, each member received two skeins of either a DK weight (240 yards/100 grams per skein) or worsted weight (181 yards/100 grams per skein). 

Overall, there were 15 glorious colors this month expertly dyed by Lisa's capable hands:

The Fiber

We also featured Finnish top dyed by NBK in all fifteen colors above. It was paired with a natural merino/cashmere blend, and we'll be posting a tutorial on project ideas on the blog tomorrow.

The Upgrades

There was such a great response to the circular knitting needles we featured by Indian Lake Artisans last month, we decided to continue the fun by included 30 pairs of their straight, copper-topped knitting needles randomly in our shipments this month.

The Swag

Measuring a garment while you're working on it, or taking your measurements to identify your sizing options for a particular pattern is something we all do. To help, we included these super "Knit Happy" tape measures in every Fiberista package this month.

The Pattern

For our intermediate/advanced knitters, we have an exclusively designed pattern featuring an asymmetrical shawl and/or scarf featuring a textured diagonal rib stitch.

Also included within the pattern are instructions for completing a beginner's scarf utilizing this month's yarn featuring the diagonal rib stitch.

We hope all of our Fiberistas are thoroughly enjoying this month's boxes. June's boxes will ship between June 1st and 4th.

April 2015 Yarn & Spinning Box Reveal

The Company

If color is your thing, than Chromatique Yarns has what you’re looking for!

In this month’s packages we attempted to surprise and inspire everyone with color to welcome in the Spring. I fully realize it was a departure from our normal “two skeins” of yarn we include in our boxes, but I was too excited and it was too special for me not to make this one exception to the rule when we starting talking to the dyer in January.

You’ll notice we attempted to include some hints in our mood boards, either with color spectrum representations or for the actual names of the gradient kits. I love those boards! :)

The amount of color we had to represent is the reason we had six mood boards - I hope everyone enjoyed the surprise!

The Dyer

Chromatique is the brainchild of fiber artist Lindsey Marie, whom in addition to being an intellectual soul (she's an attorney in another life), has an exceptional creative spirit and an incredible eye for color.

Lindsey credits her love of bold, vibrant color with her obsession with graphic novels, which she used to illustrate as a child and teenager. The understanding of how to create highlights and lowlights in order to make an illustration "pop" is her unique vantage point in creating such successful, complimentary gradient kits. Even if one color doesn't seem like it "works" with the others, when worked up, you'll be shocked to see how beautiful the end result really, truly is. It takes a little trust sometimes, but we love Lindsey for her unique point of view, and Chromatique has quickly become one of our favorite yarn companies based on color alone.

Lindsey is currently meeting the demand for her kits (both in our shop and hers -, is developing her Fall/Winter gradient collection, spending some bonding time with newly adopted fur baby Nix (as in Stevie), and has plans to extend a core selection of her colors into full sized skeins.

The Yarn

Simple and straightforward, both yarns were a merino single ply. One was a worsted weight, one was a fingering weight, and the only other difference between the two is that the fingering weight is indeed superwash, while the worsted weight is not. We ask our Fiberistas to keep this in mind during their garment care. 

The Dye Job

Gradient kits are tons and tons of fun to knit with for subtle color changes and distribution or color-blocking projects or dramatic stripes.

Personally, I find the ones I love hard to get a hold of: they almost always sell out as soon as may of the dyers I follow post a shop update.

I also love the fact that there are nine coordinating colors in each kit! This allows for so much customization in a finished project, as well an opportunity to really "nail" the color changes as they happen, considering these kits are not monochromatic.

The Fiber

After two back-to-back months of blends, I wanted to change it up and get back to basic (as well as stick with a theme). For spinners, we featured 18.5 micron superfine merino wool.

We still featured gradient kits, each with three different colors. Each color was 100g of fiber, for a full 300g total.

Droool. With so many colors in each kit, we're excited to see what our very creative, talented spinners come up with as a finished yarn!

The Swag

This month, we featured some great needle gauges customized for us by the fabulous folks at Nancy’s Knit Knacks. They’re extremely, extremely accurate (I notice sometimes even my Addi gauges are a little wonky, but these stood up to my tests - no guess work at all!). 

The gauges also cover every. single. size. imaginable. If you have some 000 needles, you're in luck!

The Upgrades

We including three different upgrades this month as our Platinum Upgrades:

The first was a special, limited edition color palette called “Blush Romance”.  This kit is only available to Fiberistas. (If you'd like one, please contact us as we're not including it in the store so we can keep it under wraps!).

The second was an upgrade from a regular kit to a lux kit, which was a fingering weight yarn in a merino/cashmere/nylon blend.

Our third upgrade were 50 sets of knitting needles from Indian Lake Artisans:

These are fabulous, hand crafted HEXAGONAL knitting needles. If you haven’t knitted with these yet and received them, you’re in for a treat.

The straight edges on the hexagonal shape have two benefits: first, no slipping stitches - there’s a great grip to any fiber.

Second, it helps with hand fatigue for marathon knitting sessions, which I know is probably an issue for most of the fiberholics in this club!

The straight edges are more ergonomic for your fingers to grip and use, rather than trying to stay clutched to a cylinder. 

ADDED BONUS: We have a partnership with Indian Lake for the foreseeable future. All Fiberistas will save 10% on any order with them. We released the coupon code earlier this week, but if you're a club member and didn't receive it, just let us know before you pick up a set of these fabulous needles. 

The Pattern

The pattern was kept very simple this month for multiple reasons: first, we wanted to make sure every skill level of knitter had something very accessible to work with since dealing with nine colors without a game plan can be a little tricky; secondly, we wanted color to shine through, and allow Fiberistas to experiment with their kits without a complicated pattern construction getting in the way.

A simple garter stitch triangular shawl is on the agenda for April. There are color suggestions included, as well as a couple of ways of completing the increases based on the goal of the finished look.

Color arrangements are included in the pattern for knitting the kit as intended, but also in an alternate version for more of a striping effect.

May's Mood Boards!

It seems like we're always going, going, going here at FC - the fun never stops! Our May club boxes will be no exception. Here are the mood boards that inspired next month's yarn, fiber, and colors:

If you'd like to change your color preferences before next month's shipment, please visit the following link and login to your Fiberista Club account:

Double Down is now available in the FC store for May 2015. 

March '15 Yarn & Spinning Box Reveal

The Company

This month we partnered with a fabulous hand painter operating under the newly formed brand Love Spun.

In my opinion there are two ways yarn can be deemed luxurious: fiber content and dye process.

Dyeing in “pots and lots” can be great from a production perspective, and we have a bunch of dyers that are amazing utilizing this method.

There are very few dyers who will take the plunge and invest in a laborious dye process in addition to the expense of luxury fibers. But why can’t we have both? Well, we can, but the resulting yarn is going to be an investment, and there’s going to have to be a little trade off. With Love Spun, half skeins are offered in order to keep retail prices on par with similar yarns on the market: think Koigu or Lotus’s hand painted mink - that’s the category Love Spun belongs within, and we love the end results!

The Yarn

Love Spun offers a range of wools and blends, but we decided to hone in on exotics this month.

Our first featured blend is an 80/20 superfine merino and baby camel in a fingering weight. The skeins pack a punch at a solid 250m worth of yarn.

Merino is marketed well enough - I think we all understand how super awesome, soft, and versatile it can be. Baby camel, however, is relatively unknown, so let’s discuss it a little more in depth.

Let’s stress the difference between camel and baby camel.

Camel fiber is courser and more readily available as it sheds from adults. Generally, it is a darker color (dark fawn to brown) so it needs to be bleached in order to be utilized in yarn if it’s being matched with a wool such as merino.

Baby camel, however, is much more rare and soft. The first shedding of a camel’s undercoat is gathered by herders as a naturally falls to the ground (similar to cashmere goats). Baby camel fiber only happens once in a camel’s lifetime, and is not only prized because it ranges from about 14-16 microns (again, similar to cashmere), but because it is a natural white/light fawn color, which also means less (if any) processing.

Baby camel is a big deal. A really big deal.

Our second yarn blend was a 50/50 worsted weight in superfine merino and baby alpaca. Again, the “baby” part of the fiber blend is important here. As alpacas age, their fiber grows in at a thicker diameter, so the younger the alpaca, the finer the fiber. The baby alpaca fiber used in this blend is equal to the superfine merino used - it’s about 18-19 microns.

The Dye Job

Love Spun’s dyeing process is not only unique because their fibers are hand painted. They also only handpaint in cakes, and reskein the yarn once it has dried. This allows for unique, organic color blending and variation. Accordingly, every single skein is its own individual masterpiece.

We featured a range of colors this month (13 total), out of the 40 possible options Love Spun creates. Here are the colors we selected:

The Upgrades & Pattern

This month there were two featured platinum upgrades, randomly placed in Fiberista’s boxes.

First, we placed 25 copies of a brand new, hot-off-the-presses publication we felt would a) work well with the handpainted yarn we featured this month and b) we loved.

Wrapped in Color: 30 Shawls to Knit in Koigu Handpainted Yarns
By Koigu Wool Designs, Maie Landra, Taiu Landra

Wrapped In Color features various shawl and accessory patterns designed with Koigu, ranging from light weight to chunky weight yarns.

Our pattern this month is one from the book, “Patch Of Berries”, and works with just one skein of the fingering weight or two skeins of the worsted weight. If you’d like a larger shawlette, simply knit up all the yarn in your boxes:

"Patch Of Berries" was released via email to members. If you haven't yet received the pattern, please send us an email and we'll get it out to you right away!

If you were super, duper lucky this month you also received a set of Addi Art Crystal knitting needles as a super platinum upgrade:

US 15 needles on a 32” cable with Swarovski crystals inside the barrels? Talk about knitting bling!

Your swag item this month was your Fiberista Club discount card. Now, it’s going to be so much more than a discount card!

The code is personalized towards all your individual shop purchases, and will allow us to send you reward coupons based on how much you cumulatively spend in the shop.

We’ll release more information about it shortly.

A shop update will be complete featuring all 40 colors of Love Spun, in addition to some of their other yarn bases, next week.

We’re also beginning to expand our current offerings, starting with Dream In Color. We will be carrying four of their bases and fifteen new colors We will also list their brand new mini skeins to the shop as soon as the come in, too. This should be in about 4-6 weeks, just as we’re getting back from our trade shows.


The Spinning Club Box

I have to admit, I made a pretty unorthodox decision about March that’s going to require some feedback …

Most of the spinning fiber we have released so far has been custom dyed for us. I do this so it’s exclusive, but also because it’s the best way for me to get you fiber you haven’t seen (and also I’m a control freak). This month and last month (70/30 merino/yak) also featured our first custom blends.

Generally, we get the fiber in, I discuss colors with the dyers, we ship out the naked fiber, and we get it back in pretty 200g-300g segments that have been dyed beautifully.

Like most spinners, I’ve touched a lot of fiber. When I cracked open the box on this month’s order and started to play around with it, I just couldn’t send it off to be dyed. It was so enchanting and so soft, and I knew the integrity of the fiber would be compromised going through any harsh (and that’s what dyeing is - it’s harsh) process.

So, I decided to keep it naked AND ship tons of it -well, 400g of it to each member.

What’s the blend? 50/50 superfine merino and baby camel!

It’s such a gorgeous light fawn/white blend!

April's Mood Boards

For the first time, we're releasing two mood boards per color family so we can adequately represent the fabulous yarn and fiber we will be featuring next month!

As in previous months, Fiberistas have the opportunity to double down on April's box. 

Box upgrades are already discounted and are members-only, so there's no additional discount on club box upgrades.

If you'd like to adjust your color preferences for this month, you can do so by logging into your account and changing  your color family selection:

knitspiration: dark shadows

Have you ever been indecisive about your next project? Do you spend hours scouring websites or your local yarn store looking for the perfect yarn? How about that time you thought you were selecting an amazing color, only to be unable to find the appropriate pattern?

Yeah, I've been there too.

In my knitspiration posts, I'm going to teach you everything I know regarding color theory, fiber content, and pattern selection so you can go into the world armed with the knowledge necessary to ensure predictable, reliable, and professional results in your finished garments.

So, why it knitspiration important? Why not just wing it as the mood strikes you? Well, it has its advantages, which I've narrowed down to these four major benefits:

 Avoid Stash Death

I have five of the most beautiful skeins of silk/wool yarn sitting in my stash. They've been there since I started knitting almost a decade ago. I've attempted to start about a dozen projects with them, always excited about the potential to show off the beauty of the colors as they appear in skeins and yarn cakes.

I've never succeeded. It has arrived to the point where the $100 I invested is not really valuable to me any more, and it's not for a lack of trying or desire. If only I knew then what I knew now, I would have been more equipped to make an informed decision. 

This informed decision would have avoided what I refer to as "stash death". I keep the yarn because it's beautiful and I refuse to get rid of it (desperately looking for a use, It's caked up in a glass vase and now is part of the decorative shrine to knitting on top of my stash storage). 

But I would much rather be wearing it!

So Your Favorite Color Is . . . 

There's a good chance any stranger can look at your stash and determine which color is your go-to. Not okay.

It's fine to have your favorite colors in your stash, there's nothing wrong with that per say. The problem is you don't realize it's your favorite until you have too much. If you're anything like me, I don't walk into my local yarn store or place orders with my favorite online shops saying "I'm only going to buy blue or green yarn today."

I usually walk away with something in a shade of blue or green.

Now, this isn't really a problem if I have a project in mind. However, it does cause a couple of issues to arise: first, if I actually knit up my stash right now, I'd have nothing but scarves and sweaters and hats and socks in blue and green; second, if I'm knitting something for say - my niece - I'm generally uninspired by the colors I've stocked for myself.

Understanding the power behind color and what it convey or how it can make you feel is important - you'll go into a yarn store appreciating everything the spectrum has to offer, giving you more variety in both your own wardrobe and in your knitted gifts.

Enhance The Pattern

Color doesn't guarantee a perfect end result. It's only half the battle.

Remember that one time you had a beautiful yarn and a phenomenal pattern and started knitting it up, only to absolutely hate it half way through? Yeah, I have a few of those WIPs I refuse to frog because of the hours I put in knitting away on them. While preparing to write this post, I looked at them objectively and feel empowered to say they're downright ugly.

Are you amazed by the way designers select their colors, stitches, construction techniques, and develop a pattern that's just right? By having a familiarity with color theory, you'll be able to make adjustments in the yarn you select so it still comprises your individual preferences, but it will also work just as well with the yarn chosen by the designer for the pattern.

Stay Inspired To Finish

If you avoid all of the situations above, you'll stay inspired - excuse me, knitspired - enough to finish your project. The sheer excitement will fuel you, and you'll feel like a billion dollars when you've accomplished the feat of not only completing your project, but also when you rock it out in the world. 

There's no better feeling than someone being in absolute awe in a garment you're wearing, and when they ask where you bought it, to be able to reply "Oh, this? I made it."

Our 'Dark Shadows' knitspiration board featuring tones of black. All images from Pinterest and Tumblr.

Now that we have the advantages of becoming knitspired out of the way, let's talk a little about our first knitpiration board, featuring one of the most controversial colors known to humankind: black.

Controversial? You bet!

I'm going to skip over the "black is not a color" debate (which would have been be enough to prove my point). Instead, let's focus on the history surrounding the color black, what it means today, and what its characteristics mean for you in your crafting.

Prior to the Middle Ages, black was seen as a regal color, reserved for those with authority: the clergy, nobility, and judges all preferred black. We can still very much see this influence today.

Through the Middle Ages and until Victorian England, black was the color to avoid. It lost favor with the upper classes, and was instead connected with the dark arts and witchcraft, which meant almost everyone avoided the color if they valued their life.

In the Victorian period, black became the defacto color of mourning among widows (when Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria wore black every day for the rest of her life). Black tie was considered "semi-formal" (white tie was reserved for the most formal events) for men, but women overall avoided the color unless they were actively portraying their loss to society.

It wasn't until the 1960's - more specifically Audrey Hepburn's iconic Givenchy gown in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" - that black became linked with fashion, and the "little black dress" was considered a staple for every woman to have in her wardrobe. Ironically, this happened in the woman's fashion world just as men were beginning to prefer blue suits for formal occasions rather than tuxedos. For example, JFK was the last POTUS to be sworn into office wearing formal attire, rather than a suit.

Eventually, as clothing became more casual, black was harnessed in order to convey a sense of elegance and professionalism and give a sleek look to the clothing styles that were becoming more acceptable with each successive decade.

Reflect on the difference between a structured pencil skirt and matching jacket worn by the typical woman in the 1940's and the legging and sweater combination considered acceptable today, and you'll get an idea of what I'm attempting to convey.

All of this historical knowledge is important. It's for all these reasons we associate black with some powerful adjectives: power, authority, elegance, class, formality, fear, enchantment, and sadness.

So, what's the best way to use black? Well, that depends on the pattern.

If we're looking to invoke elegance, class, paired with something casual yet polished enough to become a staple garment in your wardrobe, then you're going to want to select a pattern that's simple in either shape or stitch (ideally both).

Are you going for a more powerful, authoritative look? A finished piece that's going to be worn only once or twice a season because it's that special? Or maybe an iconic accessory that empowers you to face a grueling winter? Well, something unusual in the construction or stitch should be used if that's the end result you're looking to achieve. 

To illustrate my point, I put some of Spellbound Fiber Co.'s "Coven" colorway to work on my knitting needles. I was looking to create something that was intriguing to the eye - something I could pair with a simple coat (not a lot of buttons, no great embellishments, simple construction) but would totally up the ante of my outwear presence as we round the corner of the winter season hear in Chicago.

The final result was this scarf, which I've named "Pass The Stitches, Please?":


Without getting completely off topic, this black is heavily influenced by its blue (yes, blue) nature, as well as the pops of brown the dyer has thrown in for intrigue. 

Now, that's a lot happening in two skeins of yarn. It would have been difficult to downplay, in my opinion, so instead I decided to increase the volume with what I would consider a very "loud" stitch pattern. Otherwise, I would have been trying to design against the yarn's very nature. You'll notice that the rest of the scarf is simple - it's just a strip of fabric, after all. 

However, I did get what I wanted: it's a statement scarf. Wearing this, I'll draw attention to my neck and face, and I couldn't get away with wearing a coat that would compete. 

What are some adjectives you would use to invoke the feeling this scarf gives you when knit up in black? How about if we imagined it in white? Would the words we use be completely different?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Pattern Spotlight - February 2015

They're Here!

February 2015 patterns have been published and released to members (as well as in our shop) in a multitude of ways: links were sent via email and a coupon code for a complimentary download was sent to you if you'd prefer to gain access to your patterns via our online shop.

If for some reason you have not received our emails regarding your patterns for this month, please let us know and we'll make sure to forward them directly to you.

The Theme

February is traditionally considered a month about love. The type of love doesn't really matter. It could be romantic, friendly, familial, or maybe just a love for a hobby (like knitting or spinning) or a thing (like yarn).

We wanted to really pursue a romantic vibe for our patterns this month, and for us it meant reaching back into time to pull out vintage and antique elements for the designs we selected.

Now, the term "elements" could have an infinite number of meanings. Specifically, we focused shapes and stitch patterns in order to allow our creative muse to walk away satisfied.

The Patterns

We had two very different and extreme ends of the spectrum to select and/or design patterns for this month given that our yarn choices were either a super bulky (and trendy) yarn or a laceweight (read: fabulously light) yarn.

Our first collection of patterns was created by Sylvi Designs, and features three total options for our super bulky weight feature this month.

First, members get to decide which of the two following hat designs, inspired by the ladies of Downton Abbey, they would like to rock during the last couple of weeks of winter:

We love the vintage cap which brings back some popular Edwardian era silhouettes (and invokes one of the best costume designed series on television . . . like, ever):

Do you see how ingenious Sylvi was? She even recreated the bow on the side of hats!

Now, we realize there was some heavy-duty yardage in the skeins we featured this month. Depending on the size of your head (and how loose your gauge is, because super bulky yarn is extremely forgiving and you can only adjust the gauge so much, really), you should be able to also knit a matching cowl for your new hat, which embodies the same bow design to create a texture we absolutely love:

We really love the way these patterns work and how easy they are to knit up. Thank you Sylvi Designs - these are fab! Now, onward to discuss our laceweight pattern of the month which was designed by Hunter.  If the cloche and cowl throw it back to the early 20th century, he wanted to reach back a couple of more decades to really highlight some of the intricate (but accessible) lace of the Victorian era (King Edward's mum).  Hunter decided to trust his online copy of The Ladies' Guide to Elegant Lace Patterns which was originally published in 1884, but now is available for free (click on the link to access the PDF). If you flip through the pamphlet, you're going to see some interesting commands, such as "plain, "narrow", and "seam". These have been translated into modern day instructions and incorporated into the edging of Hunter's design for this month: the Witchy Woman Shawl.

We really love the way these patterns work and how easy they are to knit up. Thank you Sylvi Designs - these are fab!

Now, onward to discuss our laceweight pattern of the month which was designed by Hunter. 

If the cloche and cowl throw it back to the early 20th century, he wanted to reach back a couple of more decades to really highlight some of the intricate (but accessible) lace of the Victorian era (King Edward's mum). 

Hunter decided to trust his online copy of The Ladies' Guide to Elegant Lace Patterns which was originally published in 1884, but now is available for free (click on the link to access the PDF).

If you flip through the pamphlet, you're going to see some interesting commands, such as "plain, "narrow", and "seam". These have been translated into modern day instructions and incorporated into the edging of Hunter's design for this month: the Witchy Woman Shawl.

The shawl is begun with the lace edging on the outside. Stitches are then picked up along the edge of the lace edging strip, and the main body of the shawl is worked into a triangular shape.

It's wonderfully light, drapes beautifully, is reversible (with stockinette or reverse stockinette highlighted in the top body of the shawl), and when worn showcases the Victorian lace.

The sample above is knit with Spellbound Fiber Co.'s "Willow Mist" colorway. You can see that the harsh in-skein color variations blend wonderfully into a knitted garment. We can only move forward to confirm they deliver on their tagline: Enchanting Color. Magical Results.

We hope you love the patterns featured this month! If you have any questions or concerns, or need pattern support, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

February '15 Yarn Box Reveal

It's Our Pleasure to Introduce . . . 

Enchanting Color. Magical Results.


February's yarn box allowed us check off every one of the club's ideals. First, we were able to discover a relatively unknown Etsy shop. Then, we contacted the dyer. Rather than fit our mood boards to their current offerings, we created the mood boards first and worked with the dyer to complete each an every colorway featured within our boxes. 

Spellbound Fiber Co. is a two person team consisting of cousins who starting dyeing yarn when they were unhappy with the colors the could find with some of their favorite yarn brands.

Opting to keep things simple with the official launch, they're currently featuring four bases of superfine merino wool in a lace, dk, worsted, and super chunky weight. While they prepare to debut at TNNA in May and get the administrative side of their business off the ground, we've agreed to play host to their first independent online retail outlet so they can focus on dyeing their inventory and developing the rest of the colorway offerings, which will be debuting in the middle of March.

The Theme

Our theme for January's yarn box was twofold. 

The primary focus was celebrating the Year of The Sheep. It's why we decided to feature Spellbound Fiber Co.'s initial offering of superfine merino wool. What better way to ring in the lunar new year than with the very finest wool available?!

Keeping Valentine's Day in the back of our minds, we selected the super chunky and lace yarns as a way of bringing opposites together . . . yup, the term "opposites attract" was our attempt at a more subtle theme, and we couldn't think of a more perfect way to tie in this time of the year.

The Yarn

When you received your box, you most likely instantly wished you had about 100 more skeins of it so it could become your new mattress and pillow. The superfine merino used to make each of the selected basis is just so. incredibly. soft.

The super chunky weight was expertly dyed, offering an incredible amount of depth (we had a lot of Fiberistas who felt the dye job on this month's yarn made them actually like colors they don't normally find themselves attracted to), and features a generous amount of yardage: 142 yards in a 200g skein is more than we would normally seen offered in this weight.

The lace weight yarn featured this month also had a healthy amount of yardage - 765 to be exact!

One skein can easily accomplish most lace shawl patterns, while two or three places you squarely with cardigan range. Either way, these fabulous skeins are perfect for your most romantic or vintage inspired projects, and it's why we fell in love instantly.


Rather than dyeing the lace weight skeins identically to the super chunky weight, Spellbound Fiber Co. decides to treat them differently, keeping in mind the form the yarn will take in their new garment or accessory form. For this reason, you'll see less semi-solid in the lace weight yarn and more of an ombre effect. This base and the DK are the two to get this type of treatment, while the worsted and super chunky share their dye techniques and retain their semi-solid status.

If you're looking for dye lots here, well, there aren't any. Spellbound dyes each and every one of their skeins one at a time, so while the color formulations and dye process are the same, each skein has its own unique fingerprint. For this reason, if you're using more than one in a project, we recommend alternating between two skeins to achieve more of a blended look.

As a side note, we did notice an incredible amount of consistency in the colors of the skeins and the depth of shade in spite of their being no official dye lots. Intrigued, when we asked Spellbound why that was, they stated it was because they have strict quality control standards. If a shade doesn't look right, they simply won't sell it. Additionally, because they dye one skein at a time, they can usually fix the problem right away in order to accomplish the results they're looking to achieve. 

The Swag

If you're anything like us, the only thing you really love more than your bronzer are your various bags: computer bags, messenger bags, make-up bags (see note about bronzer above), etc.

Well, one can really not have enough project bags, and this month we decided it was only right that you carry around your yarnie treats in a bag that is worthy of both you and the wonderfullness (we know, not a real word) received in this month's box.

To this end, we included a Fiberista Club tote bag in every box we shipped this month. Here it is, in all its glory, accommodating every. single. colorway. and. base. we spotlighted for February:

In Conclusion

We know it's been kind of a crazy delivery this month, and all it took was one lost box of yarn to do it. We've done our best to keep the snowball under control as much as possible, and while it hasn't been perfect, we thank you for both your understanding and your appreciation of our hard work.

Our IT gal is working on the shop update for you all now, so additional yarn and patterns will be available for you very soon. 

We're trying desperately to get this all wrapped up knowing that March is just around the corner. It's been a really nutty month! Please know we appreciate your support, enjoy having you as one of our Fiberistas, and are both very excited to be working on the club full time from this point forward. We're passionate about what we're creating here, and we hope it shows.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call. We're always here for you!

February Madness

The Lost Box

As most of you are aware, we had something quite unimaginable happen. A box full of hundreds of skeins of yarn was lost by FedEx on its way to us, which placed our shipments for February in a state of limbo for a couple of days.

The box still hasn't been found (we're grateful for insurance), but our featured dyer for the month was great in helping us attack the problem by redyeing all the lost yarn and spinning fiber in less than two days. The box was overnighted to us, arrived safely, and Hunter spent the last three days cramming in what should have been a week of work into a 60 hour marathon with sleepless nights and a half dozen trips to the post office.

We decided to upgrade everyone to priority shipping this month if they were impacted by the delay, which means we'll still be on time for our pattern publication and reveal early next week.

However, the situation really got us thinking, and we've come to a few important decisions about the club that will not only prevent this from ever happening again, but increase the level of customer service within the club for our Fiberistas.

Shipping Is Permanently Upgraded

While sending everything out priority rather than first class mail this month we realized we really enjoyed not only the reliability of the service, but the speed in which members were receiving their boxes (nothing in the US, even shipping to Alaska, takes longer than 3 days).

From this point forward, included in your membership without any additional increase in our monthly membership cost, we will be shipping all packages US Priority mail. It's important to us you receive your packages on time so we can move forward with the fun part of the club: showcases the month's contents across social media and beginning our KAL and SAL for the month.

We're also going to be shipping international packages a few days earlier than domestic in an effort to make sure everyone receives their packages at the same time.

We're Officially Full Time 

To be honest, we're not really large enough to depend on the income from Fiberista Club to support ourselves, but we want to make sure we're delivering a world class experience to our members. We have officially given notice at our jobs, and we'll be now working on the club full time. This is going to be our passion and our work, which means some glorious things for our members.

Not only does this allow us to ensure we're communicating with you quickly (most emails are answered in a matter of hours, if not minutes), but it puts us in 24/7 creative mode. 

Starting in March, we're planning on not only releasing patterns with boxes, but two additional patterns and two stitch features per month, which will be available to members in an online library. This means you'll be getting a minimum of four amazing patterns per month!

This will also allow us to start shipping boxes a little earlier. We're hoping that starting in April, most boxes will be delivered by the first Monday of the month rather than being shipped on this day. Also, if something similar every happens to the lost box, we'll be on hand to develop a strategic solution behind the scenes, without any need to impact your experience.

Lastly, this of course gives us more time to source your boxes and have a collaborative experience with our featured dyers, resulting in even better products for all of you every month.

Your Club Discount Cards

We've streamlined our online shop with two improvements: first, shipping will be calculated based on the actual weight of your purchases, and you'll be able to choose between first class, priority, and express mail delivery. 

Secondly, rather than publishing discounted prices on our website, everyone will be receiving a fabulous Fiberista Club discount card in March's box, with a unique coupon code you can utilize in our online store:

These cards will be ready for use as soon as they're received, and your code will remain active as long as you're a member of the club. If for some reason you've decide to suspend your membership, the code will remain active until the end of the month of your last shipment, i.e. your last subscription box was March 2015, so the coupon code will be valid until March 31, 2015.

For now, we'll send an email out with a temporary code to everyone so you can save 20% off all your store purchases. This code will be sent out before February's products are available for purchase. Do you love them? We do!

We're Keeping It Small & Personal

In our interactions with some amazing potential featured dyers, we've been asked a lot of questions that really had to get us thinking. 

We've decided to keep Fiberista Club small and exclusive. We never, ever want to sacrifice the quality of the yarn, fiber, products, and patterns we feature in our boxes. The reality of the situation is this: hand dyers are usually small business operations, and they're limited in how much yarn they can get to us within our specific time frame constraints.

We think this automatically will protect the caliber of the products you're receiving each month, allowing us to really appreciate the works of the artists we're featuring.

As a result, the club will be capping out at 300 members, and when it is completely full, we'll start a waiting list for anyone who is interesting in joining up.

At the moment, we have less than 100 memberships left in the club. If you're reading this and you haven't joined, we strongly encourage you to do so now. If you're in, congratulations! As of right now,  you're part of the most exclusive subscription club in the world.

This does mean that we've also had to develop policies for members who temporarily or permanently suspend their subscriptions, so please read this next section carefully:

  • All members currently have the opportunity, no matter the reason, to skip their next renewal period for 30 days. Fiberista Club will reserve your spot during this period, and upon successful renewal after 30 days, your membership will be active and you'll continue to have a spot in the club. However, during this 30 day interim period, your discount will not be available for use in the club shop.
  • If your membership fails to renew or you opt to skip your renewal twice in a row, your spot in the club will be up for grabs to those on our wait list. 
  • Once your membership has been cancelled, you have two options: enjoy all the goodies you received and stop by every once in a while to say "hello", or you can be placed on the wait list and we'll invite you back into the club when a spot opens up to accommodate you.
  • Individuals on the wait list will have first right of refusal to subscribe to an open Fiberista spot in the order in which they were added. We'll send out an individual email should it be your turn to invite you to the club, and you will have three days to enroll and pay for your subscription. After the three days are up, you'll be moved to the back of the wait list.

We hope everyone understands that these policies are in an effort to make membership fair and accessible to as many individuals as possible. In the future, we may accept a higher number of members into the club, but only if it's something we can scale without reducing the quality of the boxes you're receiving each month. 

Please note that as of now, we do not plan on extending beyond 300 members for the entire year of 2015.

Look Out - There's A Surprise In Your Box!

As if the boxes weren't awesome enough (how can we not think so?), Fiberista Club will now be including completely random gifts into your box if you're our lucky winner(s) for the month.

These prizes can range anywhere from knitting needles to spindles to stitch markers to needle organizers to project bags to books or anything else we feel is just awesome for a knitter, crocheter, or spinner to have in their arsenal.

Please note: these items will also be expensive. Any time we can include something exclusive and limited edition, we will! 

Each month, a random selection of boxes will get these prizes thrown in for FREE. It will not be influenced in any way by your subscription terms or purchases. 

The prizes themselves will range from 50%-200% the value of your paid subscription, so I'm sure they'll be lovely surprises to everyone who is receiving them. We're going to be starting this in March, and we're calling it our "Platinum Ticket" upgrade.

March's prizes have already been selected, and we can't wait to see who wins and their reaction to their fabulous prizes!

On A Personal Note

The last week has been rough, and not just because of the lost box of yarn. Hunter lost a friend and former dance colleague to a six year battle with metastasized breast cancer last weekend. She was only 33 years old, and the only consolation he has is that Heaven has gained an angel capable of bringing all its inhabitants joy through the art of dance.

Katrina was an amazing woman, wife, teacher, mentor, and business owner. She showed up for work every single day through her battle with cancer, never complaining and spending her short life bringing joy to others. 

Katrina had the marvelous doctors, nurses, and staff of Loma Linda University Cancer Center take exceptional care of her during her battle. 

In her remembrance, we've decide to donate 10% of March's subscription box proceeds and 20% of all shop proceeds through March 31, 2015 to Loma Linda Healing Hands, which assists them with the costs associated with the care they provide all of their patients. 

If you'd like to make a separate donation, you can do so by visiting Healing Hands. Please reference Katrina Rodriguez in the "Message to Caregiver" section so they know we're extremely grateful for the extra time they gave Katrina to impact and inspire others through her chosen medium of dance.

Our thoughts are with Katrina's husband, family, friends, and colleagues - past and present - within the Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

Please send me our last pair of shoes, worn out with dancing . . . so that I might have something to press against my heart.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

January '15 Spinning Box Reveal - Part I

Well, the day has finally arrived. There were a few delays (and sometimes USPS lied about your delivery status) for our yarn club members, but our spinning club members had to be extra patient as we re-shipped their boxes because the bag containing their original packages was completely misplaced (we eventually got them back earlier this week)! While most members have been already begun spinning with this month's featured roving, we were waiting on one straggler to arrive overseas before we posted our reveal. The box has been claimed after being involuntarily held hostage at customs and the wool within, we're told, is having a wonderful time.

We wanted to start off by saying thank you, spinners. You've been incredibly patient, and as a community you've stopped yourself from spoiling any of the fun for the other Fiberistas in the club by resisting the urge to post your box contents on social media.

Now, on with Part 1 of the feature fiber presentation . . .

The Theme: I Love Sheep

There are so many glorious types of wool out in the universe, and we really wanted to showcase some of our favorites this month.

Most spinners we know learn and regularly spin with the very best known wool type in the entire world. Come on, say it with us - the M.A.G.I.C.A.L. MERINO!

Merino wool is popular for a lot of reasons. First, most spinners have evolved from the world of knitting or crochet with a desire to control their own yarn destiny. Since merino is featured in a lot of luxury yarns, whether on its own or in a blend, it's known my name and readily recognizable. Secondly, merino is relatively easy to spin, particularly when you're learning how to draft wool utilizing a variety of techniques, as well as manipulate the amount of twist you're applying to the fibers. The not-to-long-and-not-to-short staple length makes merino the Goldilocks of the wool world. This also means merino is a great base for blending, which is generally extension from beginning spinner to intermediate. Lastly, it's so frickin' soft! Merino is the wool that changed your mind about wool being itchy and uncomfortable. You never really forget the experience, and so it becomes a go-to for spinners of all experience levels.

As we all know, one of the main objectives of Fiberista Club is to expand your fiber knowledge. It's easy to buy only your favorite fiber in your favorite color and in your favorite yarn weight. We strive to take you beyond your habits and your comfort zone.

To execute this goal this month, we decided to feature eight different breeds of wool in our January Spinning Box. Here's the roundup.

The Wool

All eight wool varieties featured in our spinning club box this month were paired into complimentary couples based on their individual characteristics. Each wool was then dyed for us by a local fiber artist here in Chicago, who created the coordinating colors based on our mood boards (and persnickety expectations).

56's English & Finnish

56's English wool is not a pure wool per say. Rather, it's a blend of various white English sheep breeds that come together in perfect unison to create a great, bulky fiber. The actual diameter of the fiber is quite high at 33 microns, which is what creates such a warm, dense yarn. It's actually surprisingly soft, too, and provides a fabulous foundation for blending if you're looking for a heftier base fiber for yarn. At a 90mm staple length, it also is a great cousin to most popular wool breeds you may find sitting around in your stash, so it's easy to graduate to this fiber even if you're a beginner.

There were many color options to choose from, but we were looking for something that represented the coolness of the cool palette (did we really just write that?), so we decided on a variegated dye job consisting of turquoise and violet.


It only seemed appropriate to pair this lovely wool with a counterpart on the completely other side of the spectrum. If you haven't tried Finnish roving or yarn before, we're here to let you know you're missing out!

Finnish wool is surprisingly soft. Actually, it's downright deceiving. If you placed some merino and Finnish wool next to one another and did a "get a feel of this" test, we're pretty sure the Finnish might actually win. The bonus? Finnish wool has a little more of a luster than merino does, so even when it is undyed, it seems to have a little bit of sheen, even in its natural gray, brown, and black colors. The staple length is a tad shorter than the 56's English it was paired with, but if one decided to blend both of them together before spinning, you're in for a treat!

We decided the best presentation for Finnish wool this month was au naturel.


Dorset Horn & Shetland

When we say sheep, if a cute little guy with curled-in horns comes to mind, then this is the breed for you. Dorset Horn sheep are extremely rare, so spinning this fiber make for a great treat!

The fiber itself is dense and has an irregular crimp, which makes a little more of a challenge to spin - it has a moderate will of its own!

An even yarn can and will be produced with enough skill and patience. The fiber is also really dense, so its super warm, even in the lightest of weights.

This unique fiber was given a special, one-of-a-kind dye job, enjoying its state representing a semi-solid, brown-red Marsala (Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015):

dorset horn wool
dorset horn wool


If you've drooled over the intricate lace shawls that the wonderful textile artists of the Shetland Islands create, then we welcome you to the beginning of their process: Shetland wool.

Shetland wool is fine, soft, and silky but has a bulky down that provides a nice "bloom" in the finished yarn. It's also extremely versatile, available in a variety of natural colors while being exceptional at drinking in dye. We decided to really push the Shetland wool featured in this month's boxes to the limit, and it didn't disappoint, drinking up a lustrous, golden-orange color that compliments the Dorset Horn's undertone of red marvelously.


Stay Tuned for Part II

We'll introduce Part II of our spinning club box reveal tomorrow so we can give everyone time to appreciate the lovely fibers we've featured in today's post.

Spinners, don't forget: we've created a finished yarn thread in the Fiberista Clubhouse so you can showcase your skills and creativity!

Monday Musings - Vol. 4

It's Almost Time . . . 


February yarn and roving is being wrapped lovingly by our Fiberista Club elves (it's great to have family members you can bribe with a pizza and sangria lunch), and has begun to be packed into boxes. This means two things:

  1. Hunter has to be watched closely. Every box he packs tempts him to begin a "one for me, one for you" game, and a pile of hoarded yarn starts to collect near his feet. He's been allowed two skeins of yarn and one portion of roving from this month's featured company, and it doesn't seem to be enough.
  2. A large, black wall of boxes has started to take over an entire room at FC headquarters. It's amazing to see the difference between the number of this month's and last month's boxes.

We're on track to have everything in the mail by February 2nd. Please remember, no spoilers until February 11th at the very earliest! We do not want to ruin the surprise for anyone in the club!


We've Said This Before


But we wanted to say it again!

There are hand dyers and yarn studios of all different sizes. Some are one person operations, others are small teams - still others are entire communities coming together to create a way of supporting themselves.

The goal of Fiberista Club is to connect you with as many different types of companies as we can. This allows us to support an individual and/or small business, while at the same time have a lot of quality control over what comes your way.

February's box features a one-person show with one or two unofficial assistants, and it's been great fun working with this dyer. We're extremely excited for two reasons: we get to share wonderful creations with you next month, as well as having the opportunity to offer you these yarns exclusively through April 2015, both in our online store and during our FC Tour 2015 events.


Oh Ya . . . We're Going On The Road!


We're excited to announce the first few dates of our 2015 Fiberista Club (FC) tour. We've already committed to attending these events, and will be there to not only meet all of our wonderful members who are in attendance, but also to tell would-be members about the club.

Everyone who attends will be able to sign-up on the spot for a membership. Also, we'll feature all the yarns in stock within the store, including next month's exclusive brand.

If you're a current Fiberista, you'll be able to buy all the yarns and rovings for a 20% discount when you attend the event (as well as visit us at the booth for a FREE swag item). Non-members will be able to buy yarn and roving, but at full retail cost and, unfortunately, swag items are for Fiberistas only.

We hope you'll check out the calendar and try to make a visit if you can. It'll be great to meet everyone in person!


Yarn Scraps


  • We've pushed back the January Spinning Club Box reveal to tomorrow. There was one box that didn't get to its owner yet, and since it was only one box, we wanted to wait until we released any spoilers. Check back here tomorrow. It's fantastic.
  • March memberships are our most exclusive and limited yet. We're featuring a dyer with an extremely laborious dyeing process. It makes for fabulous results your hands will twitch over, but due to production limitations, we have less space for new members during March than any other month before.
  • There's been a ton of Winter Woods pattern downloads this month, but we've only seen a photo or two of progress in our KAL thread on Ravelry. It flatters us that you're using multiple printed copies of the pattern as wallpaper. It wouldn't technically be a KAL photo, but feel free to share that as well!
  • We've created a FO thread so you can showcase anything you create using the patterns or yarns featured in Fiberista Club. Let's see all those pretty, pretty items!
  • We've also created a FY thread so spinners can show off their finished yarns. Oil up those wheels and lets start making some beautiful skeins!

Our Biggest Welcome Ever

Spinning Box Reveal - Friday


We were going to publish our spinning box reveal yesterday, but unfortunately, USPS seems to enjoy giving us some false hope as it updates it shipment status online. We're going to give all the spinning boxes a few more days to get into the hands of their eager owners and will then publish a release over the weekend.


Knit-A-Long - How's Your Project Going?


It looks like quite a few Fiberistas have managed to make some great progress on their Winter Woods cowl and infinity scarves over the last week or so. How is your project coming along?

There is a small errata to report (thanks jewelsforall!).

On row 13, the pattern should read: knit 2, purl 1, knit 3, * . . .

We'll be completing the adjustment and updating the pattern, but that's the only adjustment we have to make. Hunter is crying in the corner for failing you all (but he's ever so grateful for the test knitters - it was publishing error on his part)!


Welcome Our Newest Fiberistas!


It seems as though we may have blown up a little bit. We have a great new group of individuals joining us for our February boxes. Let's welcome all of these members to the club!


Tiffany C . . . Jennifer C . . . Christine G . . . Sara S . . . Olga C . . . Elissa M . . . Jennifer S . . . Deb S . . . Karen Y . . . Andrea K . . . Debby R . . . Dena W . . . Therese B . . . Susan B-W . . . Sandra W-G . . . Jessica W . . . Julie B . . . Lisa E (2x!) . . . Ann G . . . Claire P . . . Ceeley W . . . Marilee P . . . Esmee K . . . Shari D . . . Sara D . . . Hilary H . . . Anna S . . . Roxanne P . . . Jennifer R . . . Delynn  J . . . Sheila R . . . Nancy R . . . Shari H . . . Heather N . . . Karen L . . . Colleen M . . . Cynthia L . . . Jean M . . . Sharon M . . . Roxane H . . . Gabriela S . . . Margaret W . . . Lesley M . . . Nichole A . . . Theresa K

<plays music - happy dance commences>


It's wonderful to see the club grow, and we're really excited to send you all your first Fiberista Club boxes in February. You should have also received an email inviting you to our exclusive, members-only store shortly after signing-up. If you didn't, please let us know (and don't forget to join the clubhouse on Ravelry).


February's Around The Corner!


In less than two weeks, February boxes are going to be on their way to you. Today is the last day we have for new Fiberistas to join us for the boxes shipping on the 2nd, and your last day to "double-down" and receive twice as much yarn this upcoming month.

All new subscription orders must be in by 6PM CST this evening and double-down orders must be placed within our online shop at by midnight tonight.

We contacted ____________ of ____________ , our featured dyer and indy brand for the month (#nospoilers), and some extra yarn is going to be delivered to us within the next five days for any last minute orders.

Thanks so much for allowing us to bring some exposure to a truly talented individual with some great yarn and fiber to offer all of you.


Celebrating Milestones


In less than six weeks we've reached over 1,000 Instagram followers, have been liked by over 1.2k individuals on Facebook, and are hovering around 130 active subscribers.

So what does all this mean?

We want you to go to a mirror and pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself you're fabulous - one of the most fabulous people in the world. Why?

Well, our dear Fiberistas, your support of a small business means you've created a job. That's right. In six weeks, you've managed to come together to not simply purchase a product or a service - you've actually created a job for someone. How many people can truly say they've witnessed and contributed to a new job appearing from nowhere? Not many!

The better news? You're on the verge of creating another one. Really close. Keep that in mind as you tell your friends about Fiberista Club - you're contributing to the economy in a powerful way!

In order to pay it forward and showcase our gratitude, we've decreased the price on all the yarn we carried last month in our shop. It's now sitting on the virtual shelf for more than 20% off retail pricing, and is fully in stock, ready to ship within 24 hours.

Thank you so much.


January '15 Yarn Box Reveal

The secret has been locked away Fort Knox style for so long, we're still getting comfortable about the idea of actually publishing a reveal for our January '15 yarn box! Here goes! Months and months went into planning our launch and although we've experienced some small kinks along the way, overall the process on a scale between well-oiled machine and complete Fiber Armageddon has been somewhere around "Oh crap, I should have gauge swatched," and playing yarn chicken with a 600 stitch bind-off.

Of course, your reaction to our knots in the skein - so to speak - has made every situation endurable and given us the fuel we needed to continue to trudge forward and really conquer the delivery of our premiere box.

We want to say thank you for your support, your faith, and your understanding. We cannot adequately express how much it means to us in words. You. Rock.

The Big Reveal

We founded the club to do two things: give exposure to indy dyers and designers, as well as placing great materials in the hands of fantastic knitters and spinners around the world. So far, it's proven to be a concept that works: this month's yarn box was valued at between $70-75 dollars, and the positive feedback we've received about both the contents and packaging has been both uplifting and inspiring.

This month's yarn box theme was "Dreams Come True", featuring yarn dyed by Dream In Color (a fellow Windy City company). The first thing that greeted Fiberista's eyes this month was the postcard insert, featuring a hand-drawn sketch by Mr. Joseph hinting at this month's pattern:

yarn box postcard
yarn box postcard

Gorgeous! It allowed us some time to let your boxes come to you before we published the pattern to the world, in addition to giving you a hint at the yarn's intended purpose. Here is the finished pattern, which was the inspiration for the drawing above - welcome to the world, Winter Woods (my patterns are my children):

[gallery type="slideshow" size="medium" ids="191,190,189,188"]

The pattern is available in three different configurations, and can be easily customized by adding or removing either the panels or cable repeats. It's only available to Fiberistas through our online store, and is a complimentary download. We will not be selling this pattern for the next 90 days, so it's completely yours to enjoy and show off with envy-inducing flair.

There's a knit-a-long currently in progress on our Ravelry page, with the end goal being to complete it by the end of this month so we're ready for February's box, which ships on Groundhog's Day (February 2nd).

The Yarn

We wanted to really dig our heels in to show you what the club was all about, and we're pretty sure we didn't disappoint. This month we featured two distintive yarn bases from Dream In Color yarn.

The first yarn base we selected was Classy w/ Cashmere, a fabulous merino, cashmere, and nylon blend in a worsted weight that feels like knitting a cloud. We selected six colorways, which were inspired by our mood boards for the month of January:

[gallery type="slideshow" columns="2" link="none" ids="201,195,196,197,198,199,200"]

The second yarn base we selected was Perfectly Posh Sport, an intriguing blend of merino, mohair, silk, and cashmere in a sport weight. For this yarn we selected three colorways, also inspired by our mood boards for the month of January:

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="207,208,209"]

We're waiting on a back stock order from Dream In Color which should arrive in about 10 days or so. Pre-orders for both yarns are available within our members-only Fiberista Club store (you should have received an invite earlier this week), where we are selling individual skeins at a 10% discount off of retail prices.

As the store grows, we will introduce more color options of Dream In Color Classy w/ Cashmere. Please note: Perfectly Posh Sport is, unfortunately, being discontinued. If you loved the yarn, or want to give it a whirl, we suggest ordering from our next back stock order because there is no guarantee we will be able to order it again.

Fiberista Exclusives

We want to put as much time and love into every item in your boxes every month as we can; we never want the boxes or the contents to look, well, too commercial. The effort we put in should be just as great as the effort exerted when you're making a project, whether it is for yourself or a gift a special (and . . . ahem . . . extremely lucky) person in your life.

We're also very picky. It's currently undetermined if this stems from an abundance of creative energy or old-fashioned snobbery. Either way, there are a lot of products that simply do not and will not make the cut, i.e. novelty yarns, super-bright rainbows, etc.

Deciding what the "extra" in our yarn club boxes this month ultimately became the most difficult January product to curate; the items we loved couldn't be produced in time, and the items we were lukewarm about . . . well, we were lukewarm about.

After a few nights and just as many bottles of wine, we decided to take matters into our own hands. These gift tags included in everyone's yarn box for the month were graphically designed and constructed by Hunter:

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="203,204,205"]

We think they're a beautiful compliment to your hand knitted gifts, and will be both impressive and functional as you're able to not only add a finishing touch for your giftee, but also instruct them on appropriate care for their one-of-a-kind piece (there's a sordid story involving an intricately cabled 100% alpaca cardigan that was washed and dried in our past . . . relaying care instructions is important!)

A Special Perk

If you haven't visited the Fiberista Club Store, there's a special treat for all members this month. Between now and January 21st, you have the option to "double down" on your February package, receiving double the amount of yarn next month.

Double Down prices are $24.95 for all members. For domestic Fiberistas, there's no additional shipping charge: we'll simply send you a larger box. Because international shipping rates are extremely weight dependent, there's a small surcharge of $4.95 for our international Fiberistas in addition to the $24.95.

As an added bonus, all Double Down February yarn club boxes will be eligible for an upgrade to priority shipping, meaning you'll not only receive double the amount of yarn, but you'll also get it faster!

Consider this our thank you for such an incredible first month, as well as a celebration of the amazing things yet to come this year.

Yarn Scraps

  • We're very sorry to all our spinning club members. USPS lost the bag we dropped off containing your club boxes. They were all repackaged, and include a special bonus sample fiber for your enjoyment due to the inconvenience. New tracking numbers were sent your way, and they've begun to update with a Saturday/Monday delivery date for all spinning club Fiberistas.
  • You're free to begin posting your goodies on social media!
  • We'll be sending out a survey soon to receive your feedback regarding our January boxes. It's important to us that we're hitting the mark - we want every box to be even better than the last!
  • A pattern page will be created for Winter Wood on Ravelry very soon so you can link your FO's to them if you're joining us on our knit-a-long.
  • A glove and hat pattern to compliment the cowl/scarf are on the way, and will be available to club members by the end of the month.
  • We only have room for about six more spinning club members and a dozen yarn club members before we have to start a waiting list for February. You're in for an amazing treat with a brand-spanking-new company that produces some of the most enchanting colorways we've ever seen.

Your Yarn Box Is OTW - S.T.A.L.K. Your Mail

Your January Yarn Box Has Shipped!

Our premiere Fiberista Club yarn box has shipped and is on the way to as we speak! There's been a slight delay (thank you USPS) in tracking updates and getting them off the ground - we're told due to the extreme cold Chicago has been experiencing during the last few days. However, most of your yarn box goodies should arrive on Monday according to updates we've received via tracking numbers.

While spinning club boxes were shipped at the same time, it seems as though the post office was a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of packages we dropped off. Our systems are linked to update you as USPS system updates itself; we've been told updates should begin to appear tomorrow and Saturday - as soon as they do you'll receive an email with tracking information. It's safe to assume most domestic spinning club boxes will be delivered to you by Tuesday or Wednesday.

A Note Regarding Social Media

We've been very tight lipped about our premiere box, and would like the surprise to be as organic as possible for all members - it's part of the fun!

We kindly ask for images of your yarn box be kept private or shared among non-club members via text or email until January 19th. This ensures that members who receive the boxes later (particularly our international Fiberistas) will still experience the same level of excitement, awe, and a general state of giggles only true fiber addicts can appreciate as our domestic members.

Check-In When Your Yarn Box Is Delivered

We've started a thread on Ravelry within the Fiberista Clubhouse where you can check-in after you've received your box. We will start publishing spoilers at the top of the thread starting on Monday afternoon. A blog post here will also publish yarn box and spinning box spoilers late Monday night. You'll be warned multiple times regarding spoilers, so even if you accidentally click on the link for the thread or blog post, you'll have to scroll down quite a bit to actually see any of our images.

Members-Only Store Access

Our members-only store, your private yarn and fiber warehouse, will be accessible over the weekend.

You'll receive an email invitation link to access the store by Sunday night. The email address we have on file for your account will be the only address to have access to the store, so make sure it is up-to-date!

During the first month, we will feature the yarns included within January's yarn box. All bases and colorways will be available for purchase at a discount, and we plan on continuing the sale of these colorways as well as adding new colors on a perpetual bases. For yarn (and we hope our members!) once you're in, you're in for life!

Anyone interested in the fiber we have featured in our spinning box will have access to purchase it at a discounted rate, too. We'll also be offering a range of "naked" fiber for all of our spinners out there, sold by the ounce. We have a full line we'll be debuting, ranging from alpaca to angora to numerous wool varieties. We can also have any fiber we carry custom dyed to match the colors featured in our January spinning box for a limited time.

February Mood Boards

We officially published our February mood boards via social media this evening, and are "over the moon" *hint* about our color inspiration for next month's yarn box and spinning box.

febcool yarn box
febcool yarn box
febneutral yarn box
febneutral yarn box
febwarm yarn box
febwarm yarn box

We. just. can't. stop. staring. at. them.

February is an opportunity for our Fiberistas to gain exclusive access to a handyed yarn we're very, very, very excited to partner with and help launch into fiber infamy. As a member, you'll be one of the first individuals to get your hands on some exceptionally beautiful yarn and fiber, and we will be their exclusive retailer until their public debut at Vogue Knitting LIVE! in Pasadena on April 17th.

Join Us For Our First Knit and Spin-A-Long

We'll be starting both a knit-a-long and spin-a-long for featuring January's fiber and patterns on Ravelry. Threads for sign-ups will be posted this upcoming Monday, and we're excited to have you join us!

We'll also be starting a knitting/spinning circle on Tuesday evenings at 9PM CST beginning on January 20th. If you have a microphone and a webcam, that would work best to allow us all to interact within one another via the miracle of virtual technology, but of course we'll have a chat feature you can use in-between rows.

Invites and a how-to join will follow shortly.

We hope you enjoy your January fiber and/or yarn box. It's been a pleasure having you all join and support us, and we're looking forward to a fantastic 2015 celebrating our mutual love and adoration for yarn and fiber.

Monday Musings - Vol. 3

We're Back!


We missed you terribly. We're officially back from our surprise Christmas break, and are both feeling incredibly excited as we slowly tick down the days to our first box shipment. In one week, we'll be driving an SUV full of packages to the post office, getting awkward glances as 60+ boxes of fiber goodness get placed in the mail to travel the world to you. I literally started drooling while I typed that sentence - is that bad?


Bad News, Good News . . . Is It 2015 Yet?


First, we wanted to apologize for the unannounced break. We weren't expecting it per say, but a series of events took us away to the East Coast to celebrate the holidays. Gathering round the knitting and spinning circle, guys, this story is a doozy:


The Bad News

On Thursday, December 18th we were victims to a burglary within our home/F.C.'s headquarters. We didn't really notice anything when we first got home - there was no forced entry, and only small electronics that one would assume were misplaced or tucked away were stolen - but we slowly started to realize the robber(s) made away with two items any small, just-starting-out business relies on: our digital camera and a laptop.

Luckily, everything is covered by insurance, so items are slowly being replaced. Other than about five years worth of photos and videos, nothing irreplaceable was stolen and our furry children were okay, although a little stressed out by the experience.

Honestly, we were blessed, as it could have been a lot worse. After dealing with the police, changing the locks, and installing an alarm system we have resumed a sense of safety in a short period of time.


The Good News

We're sharing this story simply to share it. Fiberista Club was not impacted outside of having to retake some of our January promo pictures.

However, on Friday, December 19th we were surprised when we received a phone call from family with surprise tickets to come to the East Coast for the Christmas holiday. We had the time off arranged with our jobs, found a house sitter who remained here guarding your yarn for three days, and decided we weren't going to let the foolish, criminal actions of another individual steal our opportunity for a memorable holiday. We accepted the gifts, and outside of dealing with our insurance company, decided we needed to focus on family and friends during the three days we were out of town.

Really, we learned a valuable lesson: things are just things, and people you love - and the opportunities to make memories with them - come first.


2015 - Yay!

With all of this being said, we're excited to create some amazing memories with you, our Fiberistas, during 2015. We couldn't have imagined such an amazing response when we launched just under a month ago, and again we feel completely, utterly blessed. Thanks for your support and your kind words via email. It means so much.


Welcome New Fiberistas!


It's still hard to believe we sold out of our January box. For those of you who have emailed us that were on the cusp of our deadline, we're working on arranging for you to be part of our January club instead of having to wait until February. If we can sneak you in, we will - just give us some time to start packing up the goodies and planning accordingly.


Without further ado, let's welcome our newest Fiberistas:


Marit L . . . Taryn B . . . Melissa H . . . Jennie M . . . Susan J . . . Judith S . . . Liesl M . . . Carie J . . . Stefanie H . . . Jessica C . . . Jennifer L . . . Ami B . . . Karen L . . . Detraie M . . . Melissa L . . . Mandi A . . . Jenna M . . . Suzanne D . . . Kelli D . . . Helene L . . . Holly T . . . Donald B . . . Margaret C . . . Cary F . . . Ashleigh T . . . Zaynab N . . . Rose B . . . Sue F . . . Allene N . . . Priya S


Congratulations on becoming part of the club - we're thrilled you've decided to join us!


Our Private Store


Part of your membership at Fiberista Club includes access to our exclusive private, online store. We're still dusting off some of the shelves, but  you will be receiving an email this weekend granting access. For now, the store will be empty (because stocking it would mean ruining January's surprise, and at this point that's like getting hit by a bus at the age of 112).


The store will contain both your patterns and access to the yarns and fiber we're featuring in January's box on January 6th. Of course, the yarns will be discounted, and as we progress through the year new yarns and colorways will be added to the shop.


February's Club


It seems silly to even talk about February's box before January's has shipped out, but we want to talk about it a bit since renewals are coming up and we've reopened the club to new subscribers after selling out our first month.


Our 25% off your first subscription coupon is still active and will be until we reach 250 subscribers. After this, we may offer some promotional discounts in person at fiber events or offer them throughout the year, but we will never, ever offer a discount over 15% after these coupons have been utilized. Ever.


To take advantage of the coupon, simply visit our subscription store at and type in the code 14LAUNCH25 at checkout. Do not forget to hit the 'apply' button!


As with January's club, February's does have a limited amount of new subscribers we can take on. We'll keep you posted if we start a waiting list, but we'll probably sell out during the first week of January. If you're thinking about joining, now is the time.


February is a really exciting month for us as we get to introduce you to a brand new yarn company. You'll be the very first individuals to try the new yarn, and we will be exclusive retailers on our online site for the foreseeable future. This allows the artists to focus on what they do best - dye beautiful yarn and fiber - and gives them a selling channel they trust, with the opportunity to receive feedback.


It's really exciting to be supporting such a wonderful company, and the yarns and colors we'll be featuring for the month truly are gorgeous. We'll be releasing mood boards for February within the next day or two, so stay tuned!


No Spoilers, Please!


In an effort to respect the element of surprise for everyone, we're politely asking that no one feature any spoilers on social media until January 12th. This gives everyone a full week to receive and open their packages. We will release an official spoiler on January 12th, and after you start seeing us introduce the January box to the world, feel free to share in your excitement.


We thank you advance for your understanding.


Yarn Scraps


We're pretty sure we covered it all, and just wanted to finish by wishing you all a Happy New Year.


We will be accessible and readily available (although enjoying a couple of glasses of champagne here and there) throughout the New Year's week. Feel free to email us with any questions, engage with us via social media, and share in the excitement as we get ready to ship your first packages on January 5th.


We wish you all a safe and happy day celebrating the end of a wonderful year and the beginning of a new one.  2015 is going to be fiberiffic (aren't you glad we used fiberista?).


Monday Musings - Vol. 2

We Feel Like Joan Rivers, R.I.P.


Over the last few days, this blog has been nipped and tucked so much it looks nothing like the original - and in this case, that's a really good thing. We're kind of feeling a little like Joan Rivers (may she RIP) after face life number 12 or so.

If you've been visiting us regularly and so the many versions of blog updates before we finally settled on this one, we're sorry for scaring you.

We hope you like the final result!


We've Revealed Ourselves


No, our phones didn't get hacked à la your latest Hollywood scandal. However, in the "About" section of our site, we have moved from behind the curtain and let you know our identities, and a little bit about us. It's not a NY Times Nonfiction best seller, but it's something.


Four Subscriptions Left!


If you've been reading this blog or following us on social media, we've been trying to update everyone on how many January subscriptions are available. We still have four subscriptions left, and then we'll have to begin our waiting list. Sign up today if you haven't already!


Winners Have Been Announced


Congratulations to @theneedlenuk, @travelingann, and @pjshasteen on Instagram. They are the three winners randomly selected for our Madelinetosh and Signature Needle Arts giveaway! Please email us to claim your prizes.


Call for Submissions


If you're an independent dyer or knitwear designer, we want to hear from you!


We're looking for companies and individuals we can spotlight in our upcoming club boxes. Currently, we're planning May and June's yarn, roving, and patterns.


To get involved and have the opportunity to work with Fiberista Club, please email us for more information.


FAQ Update


Our FAQ section has been completely updated, and is ready for your feedback. It should be comprehensive based on the questions we've received since our launch, but we're please to answer your specific inquiries as needed.


Yarn Scraps


  • Although its best to trust our process, we can customize your package within our preset preferences. We want you to be happy and for our club boxes to be useful to you, so please inquiry with us as to any special requests and we'll be honest about what we can commit to without completely degenerating our model into nothingness.
  • Images of our shipping boxes and an example of what you can expect to arrive this month (i.e., a Fiberista Club display) will be published soon. Yay!
  • We're getting really excited to ship our your packages in less than three weeks. Ah!
  • There's only six days to save with our 25% off sale - we won't be offering this discount again, unless you encounter us a fiber shows.
  • We're officially a Vogue Knitting LIVE! Pasadena vendor - if you're planning on attending, we'll see you there!

Welcome Wednesday*

It's Wednesday, and if we thought the first week at Fiberista Club was crazy, the second one is shaping up to be wacky. We're calling it Wacky Wednesday. Don't worry, it's the good, Alice-In-Wonderland kind of wacky though, so we're thoroughly enjoying it. Here goes.

Welcome, Fiberistas!

We'd like to take a second to welcome all of the fabulous Fiberistas who have joined us during our first week and will be starting their subscriptions with our January box:

Lisa A . . . Adeline A . . . Becky B . . . Corneli B . . . Marnie B . . . Chelsie C . . . Kara C . . . Mary C . . . Sarah D . . . Vanessa D . . . Aimee G . . . Kyra H . . . Lorriann H . . .Therese J . . . Laura J . . . Anne K . . . Lizzie L . . . Andrea L . . . Krystal M . . . Kathleen M . . . Cristina M . . . Tammy M . . . Anita M . . . Stacy N . . . Beatrice O . . . Kristin P . . . Sarah R . . . Leslie R . . . Kristel R . . . Alexandra R . . . Paskalini S . . . Elaine S . . . Cori S . . . Michele T . . . Kelcey W . . . Hanna W . . . Monica W . . . Stefanie W . . . Jenna W

Knittin' All Over The World

Now, not only do we have some incredible people joining us for the club this week, but their participation means Fiberista Club will be enjoyed in almost two dozen states, and seven countries in January. From our furthest two delivery points, our boxes will be enjoy new homes over 8,000 miles apart. We're bringing wonderful fiber enthusiasts from around the world together under one common experience, and it couldn't feel better. Thank you for making this possible:

amChart (1)
amChart (1)

So far, no penguins have signed up for the club, so we've taken the liberty of removing Antarctica from the world map. Sorry, penguins.

What Really Makes Us Different

A lot of people are wondering what is going to make this club different than any other, or why they shouldn't just shop for yarn themselves.

Well, we're working behind the scenes on some unique features - which we can't yet discuss because they range from "I've had four glasses a wine and what if everyone got their own unicorn in February's box" to "let's create a members-only shopping area parallel to the club" - to make Fiberista Club memorable, unique, and worth every penny of you're investment.

However, let's talk specifics here. What are you really going to get for your money? Well, we thought it would be nice to share our guidelines when selecting a yarn to feature in your boxes:

  • Does the yarn contain a unique fiber or fiber blend?
  • Is it hand dyed?
  • Can we help support a small(er) dyer?
  • Are we getting enough yardage for our fiber dollar?
  • Does the company offer colorway exclusivity?

So far, all four of our boxes running from January through April can answer at least four out of five of those questions as "Yes".

It's tough keeping the surprises to ourselves, but we're going to share the following facts with you. These contain no spoilers, but are statements about our first four boxes that are true. Within the next four months, members of the club will:

  • Enjoy a cashmere blend.
  • Get to knit with mohair or alpaca or llama blends. Or crochet. Or spin.
  • Have an opportunity to work with wool varieties including merino, BFL, Falkland, and Shetland.
  • Have exclusive access to a brand new yarn and fiber company. That's right. You are going to be some of the first individuals in the world to get your hands on this company's yarn. Oh, and you'll have exclusive access to shop for more of it for a full 45 days before they go "public".
  • We're working on some exclusive colorways with some of the most amazing companies in the industry. You'll be the only individuals to have access to these colors through our online store.
  • Close to half of the patterns in our boxes are exclusive to us, and only us, for six months or more.

In short, we're working really hard to provide you with a unique experience on every level. All of this, and your $50 subscription box will generally have a retail value of about $65-85 every month . . . or more!

Only 12 January Yarn Boxes Left!


If you're reading this and you haven't signed up, then you should sign up right now.

We still have 11 days left for you to be on our January box list, but we're expecting to run out room in the next day or two. We're desperately trying open up a few more spots, but we don't think it'll be possible.

Two things to remember: 1 ) we will sell the yarn included in our box online, but it won't be at a subscription discounted rate. 2) if you miss out on January's box, you'll only be able to sign up for our February box.

We're planning on starting a waiting list for February as soon as January fills up. Don't worry, if you're subscribed for January, you're automatically on our list for February too.

If you're wait listed, you'll be notified once we open up February subscriptions on December 22nd.

January Boxes Are Shipping Early!


Our dyers are busy busy busy right now, and have confirmed that they will have the yarn for our January boxes to us almost two weeks earlier than expected. This means most boxes should ship between January 5th and January 7th - more than 10 days earlier than we planned!