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June 2015 Yarn & Fiber Reveal: Succulent Fiber

The Company

For the month of June, we wanted to stretch our creative wings and create something truly unique and special for our members. We're excited to announce Succulent Fiber as our official, Fiberista Club commissioned line.

The goal of having our own line is very simple: we want to bring our members the very best yarn and fiber products in on-trend colors, as well as keeping the line accessible. Every day, affordable luxury for knitters, crocheters, and handspinners that are Fiberistas - the line is only available to current members.

The range within Succulent Fiber will change from season to season, and this month's selections are our Summer '15 through Early Fall '15 bases and colors. Some bases will remain with us year round, as well as a selection of colors, but the majority of the line will only be available for a limited time.

The Yarn

It was Hunter's job to develop the bases this month. Fiber was sourced from the very best origins, and all the yarn was custom milled for this month in a variety of bases, which included:


80% superfine merino/20% cashmere


50% superwash merino/50% tussah silk 
75% superfine merino/25% camel 
80% superfine merino/15% cashmere/5% nylon


50% superfine merino/50% mulberry silk 
70% BFL/30% mohair 
70% BFL/30% tussah silk 
100% BFL

Joseph was the creative genius behind the colors developed this month and oversaw the dyeing process. In total, we featured 13 custom colors on each yarn base, giving our members a unique variety as they opened their packages:

The Fiber

For our spinners, we featured two different blends: 70% Baby Alpaca/30% Tussah Silk or 70% BFL/30% Mohair. Members a generous 250g braid of one of the fabulous blends, which were dyed to match the colors featured in this month's yarn bases:

The Upgrade

This month, we gave away more than two dozen electronic copies of our favorite new design book: Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures by Hannah Fettig.

We're obsessed with this book: Hannah's perspective as a designer is intoxicating, creating very wearable sweater designs. The book itself is photographed beautifully, and we're excited to see some Fiberistas knitting away on their first Fall projects utilizing the patterns in this book.

The Swag

We gave away a lime flavored lip balm to all of our subscribers today. A must-have that can be stored in your knitting bag, there's no reason to let the summer create chapped lips!

The Pattern

This month's pattern collection - Geometric Thomas - features a geometric lace design motif within a scarf, stole, infinity scarf, and summer tank.


We know this month's boxes were a big hit among our members! We'll be completing our shop update as soon as possible, and look forward to getting our last summer box - July - on its way to you.