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January '15 Yarn Box Reveal

The secret has been locked away Fort Knox style for so long, we're still getting comfortable about the idea of actually publishing a reveal for our January '15 yarn box! Here goes! Months and months went into planning our launch and although we've experienced some small kinks along the way, overall the process on a scale between well-oiled machine and complete Fiber Armageddon has been somewhere around "Oh crap, I should have gauge swatched," and playing yarn chicken with a 600 stitch bind-off.

Of course, your reaction to our knots in the skein - so to speak - has made every situation endurable and given us the fuel we needed to continue to trudge forward and really conquer the delivery of our premiere box.

We want to say thank you for your support, your faith, and your understanding. We cannot adequately express how much it means to us in words. You. Rock.

The Big Reveal

We founded the club to do two things: give exposure to indy dyers and designers, as well as placing great materials in the hands of fantastic knitters and spinners around the world. So far, it's proven to be a concept that works: this month's yarn box was valued at between $70-75 dollars, and the positive feedback we've received about both the contents and packaging has been both uplifting and inspiring.

This month's yarn box theme was "Dreams Come True", featuring yarn dyed by Dream In Color (a fellow Windy City company). The first thing that greeted Fiberista's eyes this month was the postcard insert, featuring a hand-drawn sketch by Mr. Joseph hinting at this month's pattern:

yarn box postcard
yarn box postcard

Gorgeous! It allowed us some time to let your boxes come to you before we published the pattern to the world, in addition to giving you a hint at the yarn's intended purpose. Here is the finished pattern, which was the inspiration for the drawing above - welcome to the world, Winter Woods (my patterns are my children):

[gallery type="slideshow" size="medium" ids="191,190,189,188"]

The pattern is available in three different configurations, and can be easily customized by adding or removing either the panels or cable repeats. It's only available to Fiberistas through our online store, and is a complimentary download. We will not be selling this pattern for the next 90 days, so it's completely yours to enjoy and show off with envy-inducing flair.

There's a knit-a-long currently in progress on our Ravelry page, with the end goal being to complete it by the end of this month so we're ready for February's box, which ships on Groundhog's Day (February 2nd).

The Yarn

We wanted to really dig our heels in to show you what the club was all about, and we're pretty sure we didn't disappoint. This month we featured two distintive yarn bases from Dream In Color yarn.

The first yarn base we selected was Classy w/ Cashmere, a fabulous merino, cashmere, and nylon blend in a worsted weight that feels like knitting a cloud. We selected six colorways, which were inspired by our mood boards for the month of January:

[gallery type="slideshow" columns="2" link="none" ids="201,195,196,197,198,199,200"]

The second yarn base we selected was Perfectly Posh Sport, an intriguing blend of merino, mohair, silk, and cashmere in a sport weight. For this yarn we selected three colorways, also inspired by our mood boards for the month of January:

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="207,208,209"]

We're waiting on a back stock order from Dream In Color which should arrive in about 10 days or so. Pre-orders for both yarns are available within our members-only Fiberista Club store (you should have received an invite earlier this week), where we are selling individual skeins at a 10% discount off of retail prices.

As the store grows, we will introduce more color options of Dream In Color Classy w/ Cashmere. Please note: Perfectly Posh Sport is, unfortunately, being discontinued. If you loved the yarn, or want to give it a whirl, we suggest ordering from our next back stock order because there is no guarantee we will be able to order it again.

Fiberista Exclusives

We want to put as much time and love into every item in your boxes every month as we can; we never want the boxes or the contents to look, well, too commercial. The effort we put in should be just as great as the effort exerted when you're making a project, whether it is for yourself or a gift a special (and . . . ahem . . . extremely lucky) person in your life.

We're also very picky. It's currently undetermined if this stems from an abundance of creative energy or old-fashioned snobbery. Either way, there are a lot of products that simply do not and will not make the cut, i.e. novelty yarns, super-bright rainbows, etc.

Deciding what the "extra" in our yarn club boxes this month ultimately became the most difficult January product to curate; the items we loved couldn't be produced in time, and the items we were lukewarm about . . . well, we were lukewarm about.

After a few nights and just as many bottles of wine, we decided to take matters into our own hands. These gift tags included in everyone's yarn box for the month were graphically designed and constructed by Hunter:

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="203,204,205"]

We think they're a beautiful compliment to your hand knitted gifts, and will be both impressive and functional as you're able to not only add a finishing touch for your giftee, but also instruct them on appropriate care for their one-of-a-kind piece (there's a sordid story involving an intricately cabled 100% alpaca cardigan that was washed and dried in our past . . . relaying care instructions is important!)

A Special Perk

If you haven't visited the Fiberista Club Store, there's a special treat for all members this month. Between now and January 21st, you have the option to "double down" on your February package, receiving double the amount of yarn next month.

Double Down prices are $24.95 for all members. For domestic Fiberistas, there's no additional shipping charge: we'll simply send you a larger box. Because international shipping rates are extremely weight dependent, there's a small surcharge of $4.95 for our international Fiberistas in addition to the $24.95.

As an added bonus, all Double Down February yarn club boxes will be eligible for an upgrade to priority shipping, meaning you'll not only receive double the amount of yarn, but you'll also get it faster!

Consider this our thank you for such an incredible first month, as well as a celebration of the amazing things yet to come this year.

Yarn Scraps

  • We're very sorry to all our spinning club members. USPS lost the bag we dropped off containing your club boxes. They were all repackaged, and include a special bonus sample fiber for your enjoyment due to the inconvenience. New tracking numbers were sent your way, and they've begun to update with a Saturday/Monday delivery date for all spinning club Fiberistas.
  • You're free to begin posting your goodies on social media!
  • We'll be sending out a survey soon to receive your feedback regarding our January boxes. It's important to us that we're hitting the mark - we want every box to be even better than the last!
  • A pattern page will be created for Winter Wood on Ravelry very soon so you can link your FO's to them if you're joining us on our knit-a-long.
  • A glove and hat pattern to compliment the cowl/scarf are on the way, and will be available to club members by the end of the month.
  • We only have room for about six more spinning club members and a dozen yarn club members before we have to start a waiting list for February. You're in for an amazing treat with a brand-spanking-new company that produces some of the most enchanting colorways we've ever seen.