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Your Yarn Box Is OTW - S.T.A.L.K. Your Mail

Your January Yarn Box Has Shipped!

Our premiere Fiberista Club yarn box has shipped and is on the way to as we speak! There's been a slight delay (thank you USPS) in tracking updates and getting them off the ground - we're told due to the extreme cold Chicago has been experiencing during the last few days. However, most of your yarn box goodies should arrive on Monday according to updates we've received via tracking numbers.

While spinning club boxes were shipped at the same time, it seems as though the post office was a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of packages we dropped off. Our systems are linked to update you as USPS system updates itself; we've been told updates should begin to appear tomorrow and Saturday - as soon as they do you'll receive an email with tracking information. It's safe to assume most domestic spinning club boxes will be delivered to you by Tuesday or Wednesday.

A Note Regarding Social Media

We've been very tight lipped about our premiere box, and would like the surprise to be as organic as possible for all members - it's part of the fun!

We kindly ask for images of your yarn box be kept private or shared among non-club members via text or email until January 19th. This ensures that members who receive the boxes later (particularly our international Fiberistas) will still experience the same level of excitement, awe, and a general state of giggles only true fiber addicts can appreciate as our domestic members.

Check-In When Your Yarn Box Is Delivered

We've started a thread on Ravelry within the Fiberista Clubhouse where you can check-in after you've received your box. We will start publishing spoilers at the top of the thread starting on Monday afternoon. A blog post here will also publish yarn box and spinning box spoilers late Monday night. You'll be warned multiple times regarding spoilers, so even if you accidentally click on the link for the thread or blog post, you'll have to scroll down quite a bit to actually see any of our images.

Members-Only Store Access

Our members-only store, your private yarn and fiber warehouse, will be accessible over the weekend.

You'll receive an email invitation link to access the store by Sunday night. The email address we have on file for your account will be the only address to have access to the store, so make sure it is up-to-date!

During the first month, we will feature the yarns included within January's yarn box. All bases and colorways will be available for purchase at a discount, and we plan on continuing the sale of these colorways as well as adding new colors on a perpetual bases. For yarn (and we hope our members!) once you're in, you're in for life!

Anyone interested in the fiber we have featured in our spinning box will have access to purchase it at a discounted rate, too. We'll also be offering a range of "naked" fiber for all of our spinners out there, sold by the ounce. We have a full line we'll be debuting, ranging from alpaca to angora to numerous wool varieties. We can also have any fiber we carry custom dyed to match the colors featured in our January spinning box for a limited time.

February Mood Boards

We officially published our February mood boards via social media this evening, and are "over the moon" *hint* about our color inspiration for next month's yarn box and spinning box.

febcool yarn box
febcool yarn box
febneutral yarn box
febneutral yarn box
febwarm yarn box
febwarm yarn box

We. just. can't. stop. staring. at. them.

February is an opportunity for our Fiberistas to gain exclusive access to a handyed yarn we're very, very, very excited to partner with and help launch into fiber infamy. As a member, you'll be one of the first individuals to get your hands on some exceptionally beautiful yarn and fiber, and we will be their exclusive retailer until their public debut at Vogue Knitting LIVE! in Pasadena on April 17th.

Join Us For Our First Knit and Spin-A-Long

We'll be starting both a knit-a-long and spin-a-long for featuring January's fiber and patterns on Ravelry. Threads for sign-ups will be posted this upcoming Monday, and we're excited to have you join us!

We'll also be starting a knitting/spinning circle on Tuesday evenings at 9PM CST beginning on January 20th. If you have a microphone and a webcam, that would work best to allow us all to interact within one another via the miracle of virtual technology, but of course we'll have a chat feature you can use in-between rows.

Invites and a how-to join will follow shortly.

We hope you enjoy your January fiber and/or yarn box. It's been a pleasure having you all join and support us, and we're looking forward to a fantastic 2015 celebrating our mutual love and adoration for yarn and fiber.