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Monday Musings - Vol. 4

It's Almost Time . . . 


February yarn and roving is being wrapped lovingly by our Fiberista Club elves (it's great to have family members you can bribe with a pizza and sangria lunch), and has begun to be packed into boxes. This means two things:

  1. Hunter has to be watched closely. Every box he packs tempts him to begin a "one for me, one for you" game, and a pile of hoarded yarn starts to collect near his feet. He's been allowed two skeins of yarn and one portion of roving from this month's featured company, and it doesn't seem to be enough.
  2. A large, black wall of boxes has started to take over an entire room at FC headquarters. It's amazing to see the difference between the number of this month's and last month's boxes.

We're on track to have everything in the mail by February 2nd. Please remember, no spoilers until February 11th at the very earliest! We do not want to ruin the surprise for anyone in the club!


We've Said This Before


But we wanted to say it again!

There are hand dyers and yarn studios of all different sizes. Some are one person operations, others are small teams - still others are entire communities coming together to create a way of supporting themselves.

The goal of Fiberista Club is to connect you with as many different types of companies as we can. This allows us to support an individual and/or small business, while at the same time have a lot of quality control over what comes your way.

February's box features a one-person show with one or two unofficial assistants, and it's been great fun working with this dyer. We're extremely excited for two reasons: we get to share wonderful creations with you next month, as well as having the opportunity to offer you these yarns exclusively through April 2015, both in our online store and during our FC Tour 2015 events.


Oh Ya . . . We're Going On The Road!


We're excited to announce the first few dates of our 2015 Fiberista Club (FC) tour. We've already committed to attending these events, and will be there to not only meet all of our wonderful members who are in attendance, but also to tell would-be members about the club.

Everyone who attends will be able to sign-up on the spot for a membership. Also, we'll feature all the yarns in stock within the store, including next month's exclusive brand.

If you're a current Fiberista, you'll be able to buy all the yarns and rovings for a 20% discount when you attend the event (as well as visit us at the booth for a FREE swag item). Non-members will be able to buy yarn and roving, but at full retail cost and, unfortunately, swag items are for Fiberistas only.

We hope you'll check out the calendar and try to make a visit if you can. It'll be great to meet everyone in person!


Yarn Scraps


  • We've pushed back the January Spinning Club Box reveal to tomorrow. There was one box that didn't get to its owner yet, and since it was only one box, we wanted to wait until we released any spoilers. Check back here tomorrow. It's fantastic.
  • March memberships are our most exclusive and limited yet. We're featuring a dyer with an extremely laborious dyeing process. It makes for fabulous results your hands will twitch over, but due to production limitations, we have less space for new members during March than any other month before.
  • There's been a ton of Winter Woods pattern downloads this month, but we've only seen a photo or two of progress in our KAL thread on Ravelry. It flatters us that you're using multiple printed copies of the pattern as wallpaper. It wouldn't technically be a KAL photo, but feel free to share that as well!
  • We've created a FO thread so you can showcase anything you create using the patterns or yarns featured in Fiberista Club. Let's see all those pretty, pretty items!
  • We've also created a FY thread so spinners can show off their finished yarns. Oil up those wheels and lets start making some beautiful skeins!