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frequently asked questions


What makes Fiberista Club different?

We could answer this question about a thousand different ways, but we'll cut it down to the top four:

  •  Our primary focus is fiber content. Oh, and just like in your day-to-day life, a good dye job is important, too.
  •  Your artistic team knits, designs, spins, dyes, crochets, and felts with over 25 years of combined experience. We have high standards, and we only share what we love and use ourselves.
  •  Exclusivity. We work hard to acquire exclusive patterns, fiber blends, and colorways only available to our members whenever possible.
  • Personalization: You're able to let us know what colors you prefer, as well as fiber content, and yarn weights. Your preferences are also dynamic - they can be adjusted during your membership term to make sure you're receiving a variety of color, yarn, and fiber within your shipments.

What do you mean by exclusivity?

In an effort to make our subscription service as unique as possible, we aim to include some exclusive offerings only available to Fiberistas. 

We are working on a few exclusive colorways blended and dyed by companies you know and love. These colorways will only be available to our members for a specific period of time ranging from three months to year before they are offered to the general public.

Most of the designs offered to our members are commissioned exclusively for you, and we maintain the rights to them as long as we can without their release to community-at-large for an agreed upon amount of time.

Lastly, we operate a full service online store. While open to the public, Fiberistas receive discount codes allowing them to shop at a 20% discount anytime, with no minimum order amount required.

What types of clubs do you offer?

We currently offer four different clubs:

  • Our Yarn Club features luxurious, on-trend yarn for knitters and crocheters.
  • Our Spinning Club features luxurious, unique fibers and blends for handspinners.
  • Our Sock Club featured luxury sock yarn.
  • Our Garment Club features luxury yarn in sweater quantities for those interested in knitting larger projects.

What is your subscription rate?

The final cost of your monthly subscription rate is dependent on your subscription plan. We offer month-to-month, three month prepay, and six month prepay options. We are currently developing a bi-monthly option.

What do I receive for my investment?

We try to pack in as much value for your dollar as we can every month. Generally, your monthly box - including yarn, patterns, and swag - will have a retail value 25-50% higher than your subscription fee.

How do you make product selections?

We look for a few different criteria when selecting yarn and roving for our clubs:

  •  Fiber content is of paramount importance to us. We look for unique blends, exceptional fiber quality, and drool over anything exotic.
  •  It's important for us to support small businesses and independent dyers. We have yet to approach commercial yarn producers, and most likely never will.
  •  A good dye job is important! Because every fiber dyes differently, we look for artists who truly are experts at their craft and produce purposeful, beautiful results.
  • Yardage is key. It's no good to have 100% cashmere yarn if all you're able to make is a gauge swatch.
  • If a dyer is willing to offer us a custom or exclusive colorway, they move to the top of our list.


Our Clubs


What's included in my monthly club box?

Yarn Club: Each month you will receive at least two skeins of yarn, a pattern collection, and an exclusive Fiberista Club swag item.

Spinning Club: Each month you will receive at least 200g of roving, a fiber content card, and an exclusive Fiberista Club swag item.

What if there's a particular color I dislike?

While the excitement of being part of a club like ours is the element of surprise, we can absolutely take into account specific preferences you may have within our generalized preferences regarding color; i.e., we understand how scary it is to completely give up all control.

If there's a color you absolutely cannot tolerate in your preferred palette, simply send us an email and we'll add a note to your Fiberista account.

For example, if you've elected to receive "warm" colors, but do not like pinks, let us know and you'll never receive a pink yarn.

What if there's a particular fiber I dislike?

While the excitement of being part of a club like ours is the element of surprise, we can absolutely take into account specific preferences you may have within our generalized preferences regarding fiber; i.e., we understand how scary it is to completely give up all control.

If there's a fiber you absolutely cannot tolerate in your preferred palette, simply send us an email and we'll add a note to your fiberista account.

For example, if you've elected to receive "animal" fibers, but do not like angora, let us know and you'll never receive an angora or angora blend roving.

How can I customize my box?

As active knitters, spinners, and crocheters ourselves, we appreciate your individual preferences. As a result, we offer the opportunity for you to customize your yarn box contents by specifying which color palettes, and color intensities you enjoy the most. In addition, our yarn club subscribers get to select a range of their favorite yarn weights, while our spinning club subscribers have the opportunity to request a particular category of fiber content.

Your individual preferences are required during your subscription sign-up, and can be changed at any time by logging into your fiberista account.

What if I want to trade the yarn or roving I receive?

It's both possible and easy to do.

Rather than going "deep" on a particular colorway, we tend to create a palette each month of eight to fifteen different colors. While we do pair a product to you based on your color preferences, sometimes you might enjoy another color we're offering even more.

Likewise, if you receive a worsted weight yarn, it may be preferred to receive a particular month's lace weight instead.

In either of these cases, pending available back stock, we will exchange your yarn within five days of receipt as long as it is still in its original condition and has not been used.

Fiberista Club will pay for the return shipping on your original box contents, as well as cover the cost of shipping your replacement products back out to you.

What if I want more of the featured products included within my box?

We will always carry an inventory of each month's yarn and roving in all of its varieties when possible in our online store. 

In most cases, unless a yarn is discontinued or otherwise no longer available, we will permanently keep replenishing our backstock. This way, if a yarn or roving sits in your stash for a bit, you'll always have access to more should you need it.

Over the course of time, we will continue to stock yarn in all featured colorways while also expanding our color options within each line throughout the course of the year.

Our swag items will be a permanent fixture in our online store, and available as long as they are in stock.

We also offer a limited amount of "Double Down" options every month. This allows you to double the amount of yarn or fiber our yarn club or fiber club shipments at a discounted rate of 30% off retail.


Billing & Shipping


How does subscribing work? When will I be billed and receive my first club box?

Because we work with small businesses and independent dyers, our lead time is a little longer to allow our collaborating partners to dye up all the goodies we'll be sending your way.

New subscribers who sign-up before the 21st of the month will receive the our very next club box, provided we have not sold out and enacted a waiting list.

For example, if you sign-up for your yarn box membership on December 21st, you will receive our January box. If you sign-up on December 22nd, you will receive our February box.

All recurring billing will take place on the 1st of the month for the next month's box.

To continue the example above, if you had signed up on December 21st, you will be charged your monthly subscription fee automatically on January 1st for February's box. If you signed-up after our monthly cut-off on December 22nd, you will not be charged again until February 1st, which would be for March's box.

Your membership can be cancelled at anytime. For specific subscription questions, please feel free to email us.

 How will I know if I'm placed on the waiting list?

If our monthly membership is sold out and we have to enact a waiting list, our regular club boxes will not be available for sale on our website. Instead, we will have waiting list subscriptions available.

Our waiting list subscriptions will not charge you when you first sign-up. Instead, they will charge your card on the upcoming 1st of the month, which will seamlessly merge you into our subscription cycle.

Unfortunately, only month-to-month waiting list subscriptions will be available. However, we will return to regular club memberships on the 22nd of each month.

What if I want to cancel my membership after I've signed up?

Memberships can be cancelled for a full refund within three business days. After this, a 50% cancellation fee will apply for any club membership months that remain unshipped.. Any months that have been paid for after a refund is issued will still be sent.

Can I return my box and receive a refund?

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure you're happy and the club stays fun for everyone involved. As such, once a box is received, it is only eligible for exchange only. The exchange must be made for items within the same month's featured products, and must be concluded within 30 days of receipt or while stock is still available - whichever come first.

Can I receive a refund for a gift subscription I've purchased?

Unfortunately, all gift subscriptions are final sale.

Can I purchase a previously offered box?

No. All boxes are exclusive to the members who received them, and will not be available for retroactive purchase.

However, the yarn, patterns, and items within each box will be for sale - pending availability - within our members-online only store.

Please keep in mind that while it will be possible to "rebuild" a previously curated box, the total cost will not be discounted to the 25-50% enjoyed by members at the time of initial shipment.